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KanKan leads in new album ‘Way 2 Geeked’ with teaser EP “##B4W2G”

Twizzy Rich signee and original Slayworld member Kankan has been one of the unsung heroes of the SoundCloud renaissance for many reasons. Emerging on the scene as a producer, the Dallas native initially made a name for himself crafting beats for new era underground legends in Summrs, Autumn! and Yeat.

However, when Kan decided to get behind the mic, there was no turning back. As fans long for the release of his highly-anticipated album, Way 2 Geeked, KanKan dropped off a 5-track EP ##B4W2G (June 24) to tide listeners over — and he certainly did not disappoint.

“14” leads the project in on a high note, as Kan lackadaisically flows over a slow grimy beat produced by 22nate. On “don’t @ me,” Kan channels his plugg roots and raps over a more upbeat, dreamy instrumental during the first minute of the track. Then, in the second half, things take a turn as the beat switches to a dark trap beat where Kankan takes the opportunity to deliver a barrage of hard-hitting bars.

“My money tall like a mountain so I’m rocking Arc’teryx

My diamonds, they hit with no light, that shit got his bitch staring

Thirty racks, that shit light, just look what my bitch wearing

Yeah, make a M off merch, fuck around, go ‘head buy a McLaren

I swear this money shit be so simple”

KanKan – “don’t @ me”

KanKan also shared the visual for “don’t @ me” which was directed by fellow Houston native Sienna Burmess. Seen vibing around his house pouring lean with handfuls of money, detailed VFXs constantly encompass the screen. Quick transitions and set changes demonstrate how creative Burmess was with the environment he shot in, even if it was just in his home.

“see u” carries the same type of vibe as the beginning of “don’t @ me” with a light-hearted atmospheric beat produced by AxJunior. Kan raps effortlessly while flexing his money and come-up in the song’s lyrics. In the tracks “after me” and “taxbracket” the Dallas artist slaughters a classic trap beat with a syrupy flow and cadence that rounds out his trippy performance.

This is KanKan’s first multi-track offering since dropping his album RR and a pair of visuals with DotCom Nirvan last year. If the wait for Way 2 Geeked is feeling a bit too long, ##B4W2G is the perfect appetizer for Kan’s forthcoming main course.

Listen to “##B4W2G” below!

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