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Summrs surprises with highly-anticipated double album ‘FALLEN RAVEN’

Louisiana rapper Summrs (aka Rino) is not only a pioneer and leader for the new wave’s signature sound, but has become untouchable on his path to stardom.

As one of the underground’s most popular rappers — finding acclaim alongside fellow Slayworld members in YEAT, KanKan and others — this year is his for the taking, dropping off his most comprehensive project to date with FALLEN RAVEN.

Clocking in at 23 tracks, Rino’s double album is a kaleidoscope of sounds split into two distinct parts. Side A is dedicated to adrenaline-infused rage bangers while Side B showcases Rino’s heartfelt pluggnb roots. The entire project is one of the most cohesive pieces of work from any underground emcee in recent years, highlighting every style Summrs has honed over his four-year career.

Let da birds out” leads in the album with an aggressive tone, setting the scene for booming tracks like “Catch a Kill” and “So Much Cheese.” This hostile energy continues for the first ten tracks, as each song complements the last with familiar yet unique rage instrumentals and Rino’s unmistakable delivery.

Coming into the midsection of the project, “5:35 am Interlude” begins a smooth transition into more emotional cuts off FALLEN RAVEN, with standout cut “Vail, CO” perfectly combining the turnt up first half with the introspective second half.

Summrs levels up his storytelling as he takes it back to his pluggnb origins, hitting a peak with “Dear Mom,” a dedication to his late grandmother, Brenda. Overall, the latter portion of this project gives fans an inside look at Summrs’ personal life, from heartbreaks to his newfound success.

If you aren’t familiar with Summrs yet, you will be soon. FALLEN RAVEN is a testament to the top-tier artistry coming from the newcomers of hip-hop, ushering in a new era as the rest of the game watches in awe.

Check out ‘FALLEN RAVEN’ by Summrs below!

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