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Summrs, YEAT link up for SoundCloud exclusive track ‘Countup’

2021 has been more than kind to underground rap sensations YEAT and Summrs.

Off the back of a slew of viral placements on TikTok, YEAT has become one of the most interesting and most popular new wave artists in such a short amount of time. Seeing his following grow to over 1.4 million Spotify monthly listeners and earning a co-sign from the 6 God himself Drake, there seems to be nothing that will stop the wave both YEAT and Summrs have started.

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For the Louisiana-based rapper Summrs, his fans are as die-hard as they come — clinging to every song or project he puts out months in advance. Holding a tight grip on the underground’s unique soundscape, the 22-year-old’s consistency over the course of 2021 has been not only impressive, but career-defining — releasing two projects in What We Here and his most recent record Nothing More Nothing Less.

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Alongside Autumn! and KanKan, YEAT and Summrs have evidently taken over the underground’s sound with fast-paced bars, distorted production, razor-sharp synths, thick auto-tuned vocals and of course, bells of all kinds. While this sound is at the core of the new wave’s signature rage movement, Summrs and YEAT have become its de facto leaders of sorts — teaming up for a new SoundCloud exclusive track “Countup”

The pair cruises over “Countup’s” bombastic production, filled with swaying melodies and grimy synths that are sure to ignite moshpits at any given point. Summrs takes the lead on his track, recruiting YEAT for a complementary slot into “Countup’s” contained chaos. The duo is in their element rapping about counting up bands, finessing “bad Barbies,” flexing their lavish lifestyles and drug use among other things.

Oxy’ and drank, I can’t decide, fuck it, I’m taking ’em both

I got that shit on me, don’t try it unless you wanted to float

No, I ain’t talk ’bout no boat

I got a girl on me, I don’t do it for real but I take it with hoes

I take at least a twenty piece on me when I’m hitting the road, yeah

And if you don’t fly with the birds, you basically breaking the code

Neck and my wrist on froze, you know I don’t cuddle with hoes

Yeah, I put that bitch in the back of a spaceship, she never been in a Rolls

I’m runnin’ for president so I could legalize drank, get the whole world slow

“Countup” — Summrs (verse)

YEAT does his bidding on the hook of the song, speaking on his advances, his “brother on the run” and highlights his signature out of pocket bars that have allowed him to become a face of the underground.

Yeah, we just count up, huh, we don’t pull up to parties, huh

I just be shippin’ that Za’, shippin’ that somebody farted, huh

I ain’t even gon’ lie with the Percs, they just be havin’ me retarded (Yeah, them Percs)

My brother been still on the run, this shit on our back, it’s a target

“Countup” — YEAT (chorus)

As the two continue to define the new wave’s eclectic soundscape, both YEAT and Summrs look forward to establishing themselves as some of the biggest names in hip-hop once the wave truly takes flight.

Listen to Summrs and YEAT’s “Countup” below!