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KanKan gets ‘Really Rich’ on new album ‘RR’

Twizzy Rich’s KanKan is defiantly making his presence known in the new wave.

Teasing a number of projects over the course of 2021, his new effort RR (or Really Rich) has been in front of our eyes for months. His prelude EP ##B4RR clues listeners into his elevated soundscape and superstar ability all at once.

Steadily releasing music throughout the year, KanKan has built up quite the discography thus far. His previous single “Kickback” embodies his artistry perfectly — brash, bold and unafraid to take risks. On his other 2021 project Oxy & Codeine, KanKan continues to develop his sound with rage-filled finesse — all reaching a pinnacle on RR.

RR’s influence of new wave rage is integral to its core purpose: to turn up. KanKan’s music has a knack for igniting energic frenzies solely from his beat selection.

Filled with swiping 808s and arpeggiated razor synths, the Dallas native slides over tracks like “Arcteryx,” “Breakin The Bank” and “Red.” Linking up with Twizzy Rich compatriot YEAT on “Not Da Same” and “Fuk Da Clout,” the duo is in their bag, packed with plenty of bells synonymous with Twizzy’s rapid climb to the top of the underground.

While RR has its fair share of flexing, Kankan finds balance in a string of guitar-infused tracks. Recruiting up-and-coming DMV artist Joony on “Milan,” the pair pines for independence in all aspects — whether it be from women or the drugs — over the track’s woozy finger-picked melody.

However on “Oxy Interlude,” another electric guitar meshes with sporadic piano flourishes, as KanKan emotionally croons and ad-libs through both tracks’ percussion-less production — finding an airiness at the heart of RR‘s distorted sound and thematic rage.

She wanna pull up to the crib

And I’m back on that codeine and pills

I be fucking this ho but she his

Had to tell that lil’ ho what it is

With this ho it’s always somethin

KanKan — “Milan [Remix]”

Make no mistake, for an artist who initially started rapping “as a joke,” its apparent that his talent and passion for the craft have elevated him to greater heights. As RR made its way into the top-20 on Apple Music this week, time and practice will only bolster prosperity to KanKan’s future as a legitimate star.

Listen to KanKan’s latest release ‘RR’ below!