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LUCKI Interview: ‘FLM’ is becoming a mainstream moment for the underground king

Photo: This interview was originally published on Sept. 12 and has been updated to reflect the release of ‘FLM.’

It seems as though the more time that passes, the more “flawless” LUCKI gets.

While it’s been nearly a decade since the Chicago-bred rapper first graced the mic with Alternative Trap, his long-awaited album, Flawless Like Me, has seen him move past his “underground king” status and fully evolve into the superstar he’s always been.

Following high-profile collaborations with Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade and Internet Money last month, it’s no “Coincidence” that backpack LUCKI is experiencing his moment at the right time — becoming a newfound hip-hop icon at the precipice of his mainstream ascent. Although he’s teased FLM for the better part of three years, everything is lining up perfectly for LUCKI as his new album freshly settles in (Sept. 23).

“It’s perfect timing,” he said of FLM. “When it was supposed to come out, I was still flawless, but I only had like $10K. Now, everything just makes sense.”

The 26-year-old rapper — who touts over 2.2 Million Spotify monthly listeners — is now considered to be an OG amongst the likes of the new wave’s core trendsetters. Contributing to the sounds of underground collectives like RR, Slayworld and others, the “GEEKED N BLESSED” spitter finds himself wholeheartedly relishing in the success he’s seen — and most importantly, sharing it with those closest to him.

“The most fun part about [my career] is taking care of my people. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s like you’re the chosen one… I wanna make sure I don’t let my people down and [also those] looking up to me. I got a whole neighborhood behind me, a whole bloodline behind me… I’m really trying to make sure the people I really care about, that I don’t embarrass them.”

Lucki to OGM

Finding a bit of luck embracing the pain he’s endured in his life, LUCKI has always been one to live through his rhymes. “I just be living that s—t,” he repeatedly stated in our latest chat, saying that most of his ideas come from real-life situations, his innermost thoughts, divine inspirations and the “art gods” that chose him.

Whether he’s rapping about self-doubt, depression, his addictions or the toxicity of his romantic relationships, revealing his vices only seems to strengthen the bond he has with his fan base. Relatable and imperfect, LUCKI’s off-the-cuff transparency in his music is what allows him to captivate new fans who have recently hopped on his hype train. However, his success isn’t just all hype, it’s refined talent and years of hard work just now bubbling to the surface.

Nearly a week after the album’s release, Lucki is getting some major looks from the game’s biggest superstars. Already on pace to sell 22,000 first-week units — the largest amount he’s garnered for an album in his career — Neptune was shouted out by Drake on his Instagram story, as LUCKI’s moment is happening alongside his mainstream ascension.

Joyful and soft spoken, he credits his undistracted work ethic to BabyFace Ray, linking up with the Detroit’s XXL Freshman onBack N Action” in May. Referring to him as his “big brother,” LUCKI views Face as the role model he wished he had in the early stages of his career, as Ray and his longtime idol Future are marquee features on Flawless Like Me.

“Me and Face got a lot of shit. He’s really a big part of why I started taking music serious. Face got me [staying in the studio and working]. All the flood I have in my life is from rapping. Our profession is a distraction itself, so all of this other shit [partying, women etc.] is going to come with it. You have to stay on top of [work], and it was hard when I didn’t have an example to look up to… He my big brother for real.”

Lucki to OGM

After dropping Freewave and Freewave 2, LUCKI turned to Future’s music to help him cope with his complicated feelings — finding solace in the tattered and toxic emotions they mirrored in one another. Now, he realizes more than ever that he and Future are one in the same. “It’s crazy seeing Pluto in person,” he said. “Folk really him. I’m pretty sure he sees himself in me because we got the same interests.”

Becoming more flawless by the day, LUCKI sat back down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe for the second time in two years, calling the rising rapper his “favorite person” as they spoke on Cole Bennett, Flawless Like Me, “Coincidence,” fame, Future, Face and much more in our latest Our Generation Music exclusive.

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