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“Y NOT?” listen to LUCKI’s new single?

Today is your LUCKI day if you’re a fan of the Chicago-based “Underground King.” After wrapping up his “2 Neptune n Back” tour in April, the ever-flawless LUCKI is back for more on his latest single “Y NOT?“.

After it was previewed on Instagram a few weeks back (June 3), the teaser clip showed LUCKI bumping his new single in the studio with some friends. Soon after it was posted, the “Y NOT?” snippet instantly caught fire on TikTok, causing LUCKI to bless fans with the official release on Tuesday (June 14).

On “Y NOT?”, LUCKI effortlessly raps in freestyle form complemented by hard-hitting production from bubbling producer Bhristo. His raspy, laid-back tone and flow compliments Bhristo’s addictive synth loop perfectly as LUCKI’s cadence truly lifts this track to new heights — leaving it stuck on repeat for weeks to come.

Ayy, why wouldn’t it?

(Bhristo talk to ’em slime)

Got it out the mud, so I’m pourin’ Sprite through it

Fucked her out the club, said her boyfriend wanna book me

I’m still feeling love in some areas I shouldn’t

I just paid cash for that bitch with no insurance

Give her right back, pop another pink

We fell out ’bout a slut, now you say you P


Teaming up with videographer Walker Andrews for the track’s visual, Andrews fully illustrates how simplicity in music videos can be key — filming LUCKI walking around with a backpack into the studio, stores and outside with fellow underground star KanKan. With seamless, quickly-cut transitions and slight angle changes, Andrews is able to take this video to the next level and immerse fans in LUCKI’s element.

Ultimately, LUCKI went “2 Neptune n Back” for fans on this record, so “Y NOT?” take a listen?

Watch the official music video for “Y NOT?” below!

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