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Lunchbox Interview: ‘I’m trying to be worldwide’

A $50 beat changed Lunchbox‘s life forever.

At just 18-years-old, the young producer helped craft one of the most exciting sounds hip-hop saw in years alongside Sheck Wes. Majorly contributing to the Cactus Jack signee’s debut project, Mudboy, in 2018, the Harlem-based producer-turned-rapper has evolved altogether in the years that followed his breakout placement “Live Sheck Wes.”

Still championing the high-velocity experimentation his early work with Sheck embodied, the new wave’s influence is at the core of the now 22-year-old emcee’s trajectory to stardom. Fueled by affirmations from Yeat — who opened for the Twizzy Rich trendsetter at his NYC tour stop — Lunchbox’s talent as a dual threat cannot be understated. “I just like melodies,” he said of his sound, steering clear of New York’s now-prominent drill scene for the grimy, infectious clutches of plugg and rage.

With vapor-wave cuts and vibey, melodic bangers like “Jokes up,” “So fun,” “In front of u” and “NO MORE MR NICE GUY,” the Harlem rapper is on a mission to get better in every facet — working towards his moment instead of catching the trends. “I’m trying to be one of the ONES,” he said. “I’m trying to be worldwide.” His second project, NIGHTFALL, showcases his growth and vibrant melodic tendencies, as his bellowing, auto-laced vocals skate over project highlights like “Sky Talkin’ To Me,” “Risky” and “Komodo.”

In between a light-hearted conversation about his recent trip to Tokyo, Lunchbox and Hakeem Rowe chop up his beginnings in Harlem, his musical background ignited by his father, working with Sheck Wes, Yeat, Redda, his August mixtape NIGHTFALL, being on OVO Sound Radio and so much more in our latest OGM exclusive interview.

Watch his OGM exclusive interview below!