Skaiwater Interview: ‘I feel like if I don’t set goals, I will achieve bigger things’

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UK-bred producer-rapper Skaiwater is a new wave Swiss Army knife in many ways, but one sticks out amongst the rest: Vision.

When asked about his upcoming EP Rave — formerly known as Tongue — and the goals he has for its long-awaited release, he doesn’t feel like he needs to set tangible benchmarks because of its limitations.

“I feel like if I don’t set goals, I will achieve bigger things that I was intending on,” he said. “I just try and go. I trust the people around me. So as long as we go, we’re good.”

Inspired by the likes of Kanye West and his musically-inclined father — who created beats aloud in his childhood home — Skai’s rage-inducing sound is evidently “#miles” ahead of a handful of his peers. Touting over 1.3 Million monthly listeners on Spotify, the hit track, which saw immense success on TikTok, skyrocketed the young rising emcee to new heights and ultimately showcased his rapping prowess on a greater scale.

“I think you can subconsciously feel that [virality] — it’s a validation and you feel that way so you can do it again,” he said of TikTok’s hold on music’s current landscape. “You don’t want to misuse the cheat code. You have to be more consistent after your first moment. You have to keep it up. I’m still trying to learn that. But, I’ve seen that from a lot of other people.”

When I was younger, it was just a music thing. ‘Make what you want to make, have your own ideas.’ But when I watched his documentary, I saw how consistent he was — and how many L’s he had to take — before he got where he was… He rarely misses when it comes to his art.”

Skaiwater on Kanye West

Along with his foray as an artist, he’s worked alongside Lil Nas X — who he met in a Lil Uzi Vert group chat Midwxst and Riovaz, who all have aided him on his journey to acclaim. Feeling as though he’ll achieve the same heights as Drake one day, he’s still laying the framework for his eventual superstardom.

On his way to bigger and brighter things, Skaiwater sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on his musical inspirations, Ye, his father, self-producing, his upcoming EP RAVE and so much more in our latest Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

Watch Skaiwater’s OGM exclusive below!


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