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Midwxst’s ‘BIA 3.0’ rounds out energetic mixtape trilogy

Midwxst isn’t one to go MIA after sharing new music — jumping “Back In Action” for the third time in just under a year.

Releasing the latest iteration of his BIA mixtape series on Wednesday (Sept. 7), the Indiana-bred hyperpop rapper continues to prove that he’s everything an artist should be in 2022. Multifaceted, consistent and unabashedly in tune with his emotions, Edgar’s new tape is another robust landmark in his still-budding career.

Touting nine total tracks, BIA 3.0 features longtime collaborator Tana as well as his highly-teased collaboration with Babytron. As Wxst dominates “223s” alongside Detroit’s fastest-rising spitter, the XXL Freshman’s knack for quirky, left-of-center bars make for an instant mesh with Midwxst’s hyper-heavy rap style. The Detroit style beat gives both Tron and Wxst an edge that’s undeniably flawless — feeding off each other’s flows that highlight their unique chemistry

Previously sharing his 9-track EP, better luck next time, in March — which preceded singles in “sidelines,” “broken” and “under fire” — Midwxst divulged to OGM at Lollapalooza that these tracks were something that he “wanted people to hear” ahead of his eventual proper debut.

“I’d definitely say that something is in the works. I put those singles out because they’re all quality songs — they’re all really good reflections of who I am. I really wanted people to hear those tracks, but now I’m focusing on my debut album. Some of the shit I have on that one is insane. The producers and features on there are wild. I’m boutta come out the cut with that, bro.”


At Grant Park in Chicago, he wasn’t keen on giving any concrete details about his forthcoming projects. However, in the days leading up to his performance at Lolla’s Discord Stage, it was apparent that new music was near for the 19-year-old enigma — dropping off “under fire” the night before his Thursday set and BIA 3.0 a short month later.

BIA 3.0 is the most energetic of the trilogy based off its lively sonic history. Emitting an all-encompassing, rage-inducing presence, the BIA tapes predominantly dial back on Midwxst’s more melodic cuts — like “I know you hate me” and “on my mind” — and focus on the new wave’s raw, flex-filled aura.

Following BACK IN ACTION’s release in September 2021, things have seemingly come full circle for Edgar. Nearly one year removed from its debut installment, BIA and its deluxe BIA 2.0 were perhaps the most head-turning projects of Midwxst’s career — featuring frequent collaborators in DC the Don, Slump6s, Tana, Ericdoa and more.

Recently hopping on Dro Kenji’s ANYWHERE BUT HERE, the overarching impact his peers have had on him has allowed him to wholeheartedly grow as an artist — saying how happy he is to see everyone winning in their own lanes.

“I’m so blessed and so thankful for everything that’s happened to me. It’s all ever wanted to be able to do this with the people I actually truly came up with. And from nothing, like, we built up our SoundClouds together… Now seeing us all at the stage that we’re at — going all these different routes to do this — it’s just crazy. This is like the happiest I’ve been in a minute.”


With BIA 3.0 settling into rotations, expect Midwxst to climb closer to superstardom once his debut era comes to fruition. “This is just the start of everything,” he said. “I’m definitely gonna keep going full speed ahead — not slowing down, I’m pushing no brakes.”

Listen to BIA 3.0 below!

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