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Midwxst picks up the pieces on new single ‘Broken’

It seems as though Midwxst doesn’t believe in breaks no matter how “broken” he feels. At this point in his career, the fast-rising hyperpop sensation’s sound is more than just love-torn quips of raw emotion, but feels like a confessional of his innermost thoughts and fears.

Stemming from his previous single “sidelines” and projects in better luck next time (March 2022) and Back In Action 2.0 (Sept. 2021), the Indiana-bred wunderkind hasn’t let his foot off the gas since his 2020 debut project Secrets. As one of the most popular underground artists in the game, Midwxst still has much more in store — specifically the third iteration of his Back In Action album series. Picking himself up after a fresh heartbreak, his new single “broken” (July 6) continues to raise his stock as one of the leaders of the new wave.

Led in by sultry, contemplative electric guitars, Midwxst’s gritty, pop-punk flow accentuates his heavy auto-tune stacks that send listeners to simpler times. Yet, things aren’t as simple as they seem, with Midwxst crooning about the way he hides his feelings in front of those he loves. Trying to get over the hump of feeling “hopeless,” Midwxst ultimately feels shattered, “broken” and perhaps is at his lowest point. “I’m watching all my fantasies, and all my dreams, I’m watching them fading in the distance,” he laments on the new track — further showcasing his refined songwriting ability and overt maturity at just 19-years-old.

But you, you broke me

But you don’t like how I’m coping

I hide, don’t show, all of my feelings, I’m hoping

Had secrets we held, but you went around and you told them

My emotions are scattered and broken

I can’t form a message, I’m choking

Midwxst — “Broken”

Sharing the visual for “broken” on Thursday (July 7), the Tommy Bauer-directed video depicts Midwxst and his friends on an outdoor adventure, as the group uncover untold truths along the way — all amid Wxst’s heartbroken vibrato. The visual effects are methodical, stunning and especially hypnotic — showing Midwxst and his compatriots floating above lawn chairs, approaching cracks in a nearby lake and even features a cameo from fellow hyperpop star Aldn.

As history has shown, Midwxst usually drops off a few singles before announcing a new project — and if history repeats itself — fans will have Back In Action 3.0 playlisted in no time.

Check out Midwxst’s “Broken” below!

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