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‘i know you hate me’ is yet another gem from Midwxst

Midwxst may not be “good at holding conversations,” but he still manages break through with raw, uncharted versatility each time he grips the mic.

Using music as a vessel to work through his innermost insecurities, the 19-year-old Indiana native is known to be one of the few pioneers of the rapidly growing hyperpop and digicore sounds. Following his October 2021 mixtape Back In Action, Midwxst has released a single almost every month since. His hot streak is seemingly built on his knack for blending sounds, defining his presence as one of the underground’s most boisterous, glistening voices — unbound by genre through and through.

As the young star’s stake in the game continues to take shape, his latest single “i know you hate me” is yet another robust offering from hip-hop’s resident hyperpop duality. Taking to social media to speak on how much the track means to him, Midwxst also revealed the title of his next project better luck next time — announcing it in the middle of his nationwide tour with fellow new wave leader Glaive. Now, Midwxst attempts to rein in his feelings once more, as “i know you hate me” is a testament to the buzzing singer-rapper’s ear-piercing, love-torn sound.

Passionate and filled with fiery waves of angst and clarity, Midwxst channels almost every emotion that goes into a damaged relationship — fueling the flames for frustration at every turn. As the beat jolts from a gingerly-plucked guitar progression to utter synth chaos, Midwxst convincingly portrays conflicting emotions at its core — bursting through with doubt and writing off his significant other’s feelings, shouting “You say you love me, but I know that you hate me.”

“I’ve been fighting with thoughts and temptations

I’m not good at holding conversations

Bae, bear with me, baby, please just be patient

Want you here, I don’t want my bed vacant

Every night, we been fightin’ and fuckin’ and lovin’

I don’t know if I hate this shit or love it

Don’t wanna keep goin’ but don’t wanna cut it
In a predicament but won’t discuss it, no”

Midwxst — “i know you hate me“

Consistently strengthening hyperpop’s place at the heart of the new wave, Midwxst has become a beacon for total originality — staying true to himself, breaking barriers and innovating industry norms along the way. Although he “knows you hate me” on his latest effort, fans will love him regardless of the pain he pushes through

Here’s to finding “better luck next time,” Midwxst.

Watch “I know you hate me” below!

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