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Midwxst is stuck in a ‘riddle’ on his new single, visual

On Wednesday (Feb. 2), teenage hyperpop phenom Midwxst continued his hot streak with yet another fire single and visual, “riddle.”

The 19-year-old Indiana native is one of the pioneers of the hyperpop and digicore sounds — a new wave hip-hop, pop, alt-rock hybrid born out of Discord servers and raised by the dirtiness of underground Soundcloud rap.

Like we hear on “riddle,” Midwxst’s futuristic, genre-bending style is characterized by his distinct sing-rapping delivery, angsty teenage lyrics and big, swelling choruses made up of wild synths and super punchy 808s — where you might expect a rock guitar riff and a drum break. His confident delivery and unusual combination of sounds scratches a unique itch, creating a huge potential for broad crossover appeal.

In the video for “riddle,” we see Midwxst and his decidedly uninterested female companion chilling in an ultra-modern house — waiting for a food delivery from a fluorescent, nosy driver while Midwxst recites his verses from the elliptical in the living room. While the blaring synths and punching bass swirl around, Edgar and his love interest seem completely bored and disinterested in each other, as their low energy provides a striking contrast with the production’s roaring, upbeat and energetic atmosphere.

On “riddle,” Midwxst vents about what sounds like a fairly toxic relationship — or at the very least one that isn’t going anywhere — with these lines on the chorus:

I’ve been stuck in the middle

I don’t wanna hear your lies, know that you gon’ belittle

You been tearin’ me apart baby, little by little

I don’t even wanna start tryna solve all your riddles

“riddle” – Midwxst

Midwxst’s star is only rising as he continues to drop consistent, ear-catching singles like “riddle” and continues to release collaborations with some of the biggest names in the underground: everyone from glaive, BabySantana, Ka$hdami, ericdoa, Slump6s and more.

The teenage phenom is also currently on a bit of an international tour, performing in London last month before returning to the states for the U.S. leg from Feb. 4 to Feb. 28, and ending in Toronto at the end of the month. It goes without saying that Midwxst is poised for a big year in 2022.

Check out the video for “riddle” below