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Midwxst looks for relief ‘under fire’ on new single

As most artists who have gotten over the hump to achieve fame can tell you, the more wealth and notoriety you gain, the more problems that come with it. A concept first introduced to rap on Notorious B.I.G.‘s “Mo Money Mo Problems” (1997) featuring Diddy and Mase, today’s generation still relates to this struggle.

For 19-year-old Midwxst — who has been on a scorching hot run stemming from his March project better luck next time and new singles in “broken” and “sidelines” — this correlation makes him feel like he’s “under fire.” On Wednesday (July 27), he released his latest single as a surprise, using it as a catharsis for his recent struggle with popularity and the pressure that comes with it.

Opening with a pleasant string portion that slowly builds and transitions into an electronic instrumental, Midwxst’s first rendition of the hook lays all of his problems out in the open for the world to hear.

As of late, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been under fire

Way too impatient, I feel like I should just go retire

Walking a thin line, I’m praying I don’t fall out the wire

I don’t have honesty, ’cause it’s something that’s not required

‘Cause I don’t really need to talk ’bout how I feel

‘Cause nobody’s gon’ really care though, let’s be real

“under fire” — Midwxst

While feeling like he doesn’t have anyone to console him and that his breaking point is approaching, Midwxst masks this pain with energetic, upbeat and familiar hyperpop production that he has mastered in his short time on the scene.

As his Back In Action 3.0 project approaches and he ramps up his releases for the second time this year, Midwxst increasingly feels like he is under duress. With music being his outlet and also the main reason these issues have plagued his life, “under fire” is a perfect channel to express this conundrum, with downtrodden lyricism and lively sonics.

Check out Midwxst’s latest single below!

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