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SojaBrat Interview: Fayetteville emcee is making a statement in the underground

SojaBrat’s talent is much more than meets the eye. With a name similar to that of pop-rap sensation Doja Cat, both artists couldn’t be more far apart sonically, as Soja’s claim to fame doesn’t come with a catch or overnight stardom, but an unmatched hustle that continues to turn heads.

On the surface, Soja’s roots in R&B seemingly give her an edge that most of her peers lack. Amassing over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and nearly 50,000 followers on TikTok, the young Fayetteville, North Carolina native’s glistening singing voice and mesmerizing presence easily stands out in the new wave’s ever-evolving landscape.

Her flow is constantly changing within each track she touches — putting her versatility on full display every time she hits the booth. With fast-paced, genre-bending bangers like “Function [Remix]” or her latest “Booted” — produced by Internet Money wunderkind Rio Levya — the rising emcee’s minimalistic viral hit “hey” is what initially saw her stock soar.

“I used to do R&B… and when I posted my first few tracks, it didn’t go up like I thought it would. So, I wanted to try some underground sound because I seen it blow up on TikTok before. I posted “Hey” on TikTok, it blew up and I just kept rapping.”

SojaBrat to OGM

While Soja’s newfound fame in the underground has only formulated in a matter of months, she’s aligned herself with fellow rising stars in Summrs, Bktherula, OnlyBino! and more, as her eclectic, digitized pluggnb soundscape continues to catch wind with fans of all tastes.

With a plethora of plugg aficionados littered throughout TikTok comments that champion the female phenom, SojaBrat’s brash take on an otherwise atmospheric sub-genre is definitely worth taking note of. Recruiting Summrs for the remix to “Elvis,” the single instantly set the underground ablaze as the pair match each other’s energy near perfectly.

Not only does Soja prove she can hang around the heavy hitters of the new wave, but brings a hard-hitting finesse to a male-dominated scene that ultimately caught the attention of fans who felt she deserved a spot on XXL’s 2022 Freshman list.

“Off of that fake XXL list, I have a whole song with over a million streams. It’s crazy. We were going to get someone on it as a feature, but we kept it as a single. After that, Summrs just hit me up and was like ‘this is fire,’ and he wanted to get on it — and I said sure why not!”

SojaBrat on ‘Elvis’

Still riding the wave of her latest string of singles and 9-track January album, erupt is the perfect way to describe Soja’s sound. As a beaming burst of energy, her scintillating autotune stacks and innovative melodies create for a euphoric experience like no other. The fact that she just recently started free-styling and punching in is a further testament to not only her sound, but her trajectory as one of the underground’s next to blow.

“Recording at home, it took me a while to write my songs. But here, in the studio, I don’t know if it’s the vibes or anything like that, but I just freestyle when I’m here. Just punching in and I’m asking myself ‘how? I usually always write my songs.’ Sometimes it takes an hour, but if I’m actually focusing, it takes 30 minutes. I’m shocked I’m free-styling now, though.”

SojaBrat to OGM

With Soja still on the come-up, she’s streaking towards the top at an alarming rate — slowing down to catch up with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to speak on Summrs, “Elvis,” Internet Money, “hey” and more in our latest Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

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