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SugarHill DDot Interview: New York teen leads in drill’s new regime

Although he has only been putting out music for less than two years, Sugarhill DDot‘s young career has been filled with themes of strength and perseverance.

At the shocking age of 14, DDot’s ascent in the New York drill scene has always been in unison with his fellow teenage peers such as DD Osama, Notti Osama, EDot Baby, JStar Balla and more. However, in the midst of seemingly exponential growth in popularity, a few of his frequent collaborators have tragically fallen, such as Notti Osama earlier this year in July and EDot Baby at the beginning of November. But, with these terrible losses, DDot has been able to persist in their honor and motivate himself to keep succeeding.

“Just gotta keep doing this for them, gotta keep going up for them,” he said. “I gotta keep pushing and I can’t let them down. So I gotta keep motivating my fans, I gotta keep dropping music, I gotta just do it for them. I know they wouldn’t want me to stop what I’m doing.”

In this pursuit to “keep pushing,” DDot has been racking up millions of streams and YouTube views, most notably for tracks like “Evil Twins, Pt. 2” with Notti, “Lost Boy” dedicated to Notti, “Reality,” “40s N 9s” with DD Osama and “I Wanna Love You,” which includes a high-pitched sample of Akon‘s classic hit that uses the same name. Although he tells us he will try to stay away from using samples such as these, which has become the latest trend in the drill scene, DDot feels he has nailed down a formula that will continue to please him and his fans.

“Whatever my fans love is whatever I’ma keep making, that’s just how I feel,” he said. “But then I gotta switch it up sometimes too, see if my fans’ll like that.”

Aside from his fans though, big names in the industry have taken notice of he and his confidants’ stellar movement. Whether it be befriending Juelz Santana, earning a follow on Instagram from 21 Savage or having fellow NY icon Bobby Shmurda participate in the music video for DDot’s song with DD Osama “REAL TALK,” the whole crew has been going up this year. But, what has been the most eye-grabbing of them all has been their co-sign from Drake, who took a trip to NY to have DDot, DD Osama and the late EDot Baby style his Nike sub-label brand NOCTA’s new track suits.

“That day was low-key fun to me,” DDot said. “That sh*t looked fire on me, just saying. That purple suit looked fire on me.”

With all these turbulent ups and downs over the last year, it would be fair for DDot to have trouble managing his emotions. But, the young star is as poised as ever, taking every painful or celebratory moment in stride.

Looking forward, DDot revealed to us that he an EP in the works, and already has “a couple of songs” prepared for it. While on this road to becoming a household name, DDot linked up with OGM host Hakeem Rowe during his recent trip to New York City. In his Our Generation Music exclusive interview, DDot discussed growing up in Sugarhill, artists he listened to growing up, being inspired by the show Empire, finding his best rapping voice, his recent trip to Miami and much more.

Check out Sugarhill DDot’s exclusive interview below!