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Nas goes back-and-forth with 21 Savage on Hit-Boy-produced banger ‘One Mic, One Gun’

Nas and Hit-Boy need no introduction as they continue to hold the rap game to a high standard — bringing top-tier lyricism and production back to the forefront of hip-hop.

Despite just releasing the third installment of their King’s Disease series, the dynamic duo took no breaks before dropping “One Mic, One Gun,” a collaboration with another rapper who has the industry in a chokehold as of late: 21 Savage.

A celebratory brass section leads in the track as 21 kicks things off with a series of triumphant one-liners before picking up the pace. Nas hops in shortly after, matching the younger emcee’s energy perfectly as they trade bars about their long-term success. Both artists have earned their spot on the victorious instrumental, each achieving career highs recently despite being in the industry for years now.

Similarly, King’s Disease 3 is proof that Nas still has the skill to run an entire project on his own, expanding on his nearly 30-year-old discography with GRAMMY wins still in his future. “I think we gonna kidnap the rap game for a little while,” Nas said celebrating the track — doing just that with his immaculate, resurgent run these past two years.

21 Savage is significantly newer to the game, however, his successes are no smaller as he collects accolades for his earlier projects as well as newer ventures such as his collaborative project with Drake, Her Loss. His evolution over the years has been unprecedented, earning him his status as one of the best rappers of his generation.

This single came as a surprise, though, considering 21’s miscontrued comments calling Nas “irrelavent” in a Clubhouse conversation earlier this month. However, this link-up is proof that Savage meant no malicious intent behind his out-of-context remarks, as the track is a huge win for hip-hop regardless of their quasi-beef. 21 even raps “I ain’t goin’ against no legend, nigga, I’m tryna be next in line,” further asserting his respect for Nas and how he wants to be a legend like him when his career is all said and done.

Sharing one mic and a gun with bombastic lyrics strapped, the trio turn in a powerhouse track to send 2022 off on a high note.

Check out ‘One Mic, One Gun’ by Nas, Hit-Boy and 21 Savage below!

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