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Homixide Gang Interview: ‘We’re trying to break the mic’

Work ethic has always been of high importance to Atlanta-bred rap group Homixide Gang.

Before singing to Opium, Homixide Meechie and Beno built their cult following on the energetic stylings of new wave rage — touting a blitz of bars that sent shockwaves into the heart of Atlanta’s revitalized sound. So much so that it only took one track to wow its sonic pioneer Playboi Carti.

“Y’all are superstars,” Meechie recalled of Carti’s initial reaction to “SSN” — their breakout single that immediately caught fire in the underground. From that point on, the pair knew they were destined for a brighter future than they previously imagined. “We always knew we’d be big, but not like this,” Meechie said.

It’s all a lifestyle for Meechie and Beno, whose brother-like relationship has seen the 20-something ATL natives blossom into one of the new wave’s most tantalizing acts. Their association with Carti, Destroy Lonely and Ken Carson not only provided them with an untouchable star power from the jump, but allowed them to be themselves amid the rockstar personas Opium intrinsically curates. Their debut project, Snotty World, is evidence of their brash and braggadocious allure, as songs like “5unna,” “Holler!” and “55 Lifestyle” utilize the synths, distortion and energy needed to thrive in today’s underground. Their chemistry is off the charts, but to them, this is all they’ve known.

The duo would be remiss to mention how impactful fallen member R5 Homixide was to their come-up. “He was the star, he was the one,” Meechie and Beno echoed throughout the interview, awaiting on pseudo-member PROBLEM CHILD’s return — who initially introduced them to Playboi Carti. Watching R5 and his crew rap from an early age drove Meechie and Beno to become rappers themselves, as punching in and punching out was the only method to their collective madness. “All we do is freestyle,” Beno said. “Punch in and have fun… We trying to break the mic.”

Clocking in endless hours of studio time, their new project Homixide Lifestyle (Nov. 21) proves to be an early magnum opus for the Opium tandem. Holding 18 tracks with features from Lonely, Carson and more, Meechie and Beno ecstatically revealed the album’s underlying purpose. “This is made for shows,” they said, alluding to their efforts to create “performance art” that inadvertently mirrors Carti’s Whole Lotta Red.

Coinciding headlining sets on Carson’s “X-MAN Tour” and Carti’s “NARCISSIST TOUR” this past year, the duo continues to learn the ropes of stage presence and performing — prioritizing fan engagement above all. They admit to be “nervous” on stage as they’re still learning the ins and outs. But it won’t take long before these stars hit their stride.

Living out their Homixide Lifestyle, OGM host Hakeem Rowe sat down with Meechie and Beno just before their BoxFest performance in New York City (Nov. 15) to speak on their new record, “SSN,” Playboi Carti, Ken Carson, their sound, touring and more in our latest Our Generation Music exclusive interview.

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