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Cochise shows he can “Do It Again” on his energetic new single

On Friday (March 4), the charismatic Cochise shared his new single, “Do It Again” — his latest offering in a series of hugely successful tracks over the past year.

Following his trip up the Billboard charts with “Tell Em” in 2021 — showcasing his unique and incredibly catchy style born out of the new wave —“Do It Again” is just another example of Cochise quietly pulling away from the pack as a result of his captivating, one-of-a-kind track presence.

Combining bassy, experimental production from Nonbruh and Paradyse — with a wildly compelling mix of Chise’s best in class “baby voice,” some Jamaican Patois, and a healthy dose of animated, lighthearted ad-libs — Cochise had fans going crazy when he initially previewed “Do It Again” at his show earlier this week. Like many of his songs, “Do It Again” utilizes his voice as an instrument rather than a typical vocal, perfectly complementing its distinct production to create an almost hypnotic effect — sounding like the perfect backing track for a dramatic animated montage from his favorite anime, One Piece.

Whether he’s sitting down for an OGM interview with host Hakeem Rowe, at a live show, or performing for the camera — Cochise is an electric performer with a magnetic presence.

In the visual for “Do It Again” (headed up by his go-to director Chivalry), we see him bring that same infectious energy with the help of some perfectly choreographed VFX. Donning nothing more than a trench coat and gold fronts, his incredibly energetic dance moves are so infectious that you can’t help but crack a smile at.

What he lacks in traditional song structure, Cochise makes up for with originality, pure charisma and signature production (developed with staple producer Lousho) that feels extremely layered and dynamic. Coming together to create an instantly spellbinding package, the Tik-Tok catered cuts have no doubt played a major role in Chise’s viral success, with the first few seconds of “Hatchback,” “Pocket Rocket” and the now-platinum Billboard-smash “Tell Em” with $NOT all seeing a huge returns in his favor.

As a result, Cochise is easily one of the most compelling and already commercially successful new acts emerging out of the underground. If this latest release is anything to judge by, there’s no reason why he won’t be able to do it again and again. 

Check out the video for “Do It Again” below!

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