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DaBaby flexes on new single ‘Ball If I Want To’

DaBaby flexes on new single ‘Ball If I Want To’: Charlotte-raised superstar drops his second single of 2021.

Simply put, DaBaby dominated the charts in 2020. He found himself on three top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 last year, including going No. 1 with “Rockstar (feat. Roddy Ricch).”

Whether it was features, singles, songs from his BLAME IT ON BABY album and deluxe version or his November EP My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G), DaBaby landed 22 tracks on the Hot 100 in 2020.

In 2021, however, DaBaby has made sparse appearances so far with one single and a handful of features. To open the year, he dropped his single “Masterpiece” in January. He then found himself featured on SpotemGottem‘s series of “Beat Box” singles for the third rendition. DaBaby also featured on OhGeesy‘s single “Get Fly” in May and Tory Lanez‘s “SKAT” this past week.

Now, DaBaby is adding a little more noise to his relatively quiet 2021. He took to Instagram Thursday, June 17, to preview the music video for his newest track, which features a giant mascot of Baby dancing with a squad around him hyping him up.

“Ball If I Want To” released June 18, and clocks in at under two minutes long. The d.a. got that dope instrumental involves a sung “if I want to” sample throughout the entire track.

On the song, DaBaby hammers home the idea that he can simply do whatever he wants. Whether it be sending a jet across the country to pick up his brother, or having sex on the floor like a dog, Baby can ball if he wants to.

First n**** try me, it’s playtime

Play ’round, you lay down

I’m doggin’ her out like Cujo

Me and her get on the floor, and we fuck like some K9s

“Ball If I Want To” — DaBaby

With playful, sexually-charged bars and plenty of stunting, DaBaby is still in his element even after slowing down releases.

Check out DaBaby’s newest single “Ball If I Want To” below.

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