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Destroy Lonely drops first single of 2022 in ’20Yrs Old’

Atlanta-based wunderkind Destroy Lonely has become an icon amid underground talent in recent years.

The Playboi Carti aligned, Opium signee is not only a leading tastemaker for the new wave’s signature sound, but has a slew of SoundCloud rappers following in his sonic footsteps. While it’s been nearly two years since he dropped his innovative 2020 album </3, fans are clamoring for Lonely to emerge out of hiding once more. Off the back of his 2021 holdover EP XO, the 20-year-old star-in-the-making returned with his first official single, “20Yrs Old,” last weekend (April 1).

Lonely’s melodies, off-beat rhyme scheme and stark lyricism has ultimately set himself apart from the rest of the underground scene. However, on “20Yrs Old,” fans find a more robust cadence from the Atlanta mainstay. With bouncy production, electronic airy synths and on-beat, melodic flows, the track completely puts Lonely in a new light, as “20Yrs Old” may be less experimental, but is more enjoyable throughout.

While he is more than capable of delivering any style to his die-hard fanbase, Lonely finds simplicity within the iridescent pockets of the production — igniting the rage with fleeting synths and visceral flows. Flexing his cash and the women he surrounds himself with, it all seems to be too much for Lonely to count — further showcasing his ability to create hard-hitting party music that fans have no problem having fun to.

I fuck hella hoes, nigga, I don’t give no fucks (Yeah-yo, fuck)

This ho tryna smash, I’m just tryna roll up blunts (Yup)

Damn, my hands keep lockin’ up, ’cause I roll up hella blunts (Yup)

Damn, my hands keep lockin’ up, ’cause I count up hella funds (Yup)

Destroy Lonely — “20Yrs Old”

While this new offering may clue listeners in to what his upcoming project may sound like, there is still no release date or tracklist confirmed for his mythical debut album, No Stylist.

As Lonely continues to fine-tune his debut, “20Yrs Old” is the perfect offering to potentially lead in his highly-anticipated introduction to mainstream circles.

Listen to “20Yrs Old” by Destroy Lonely below!