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Dro Kenji flexes, impresses on new SoundCloud single ‘VALHALLA’

At this point, Dro Kenji’s vault must be filled to the brim with hits. Gifted with a golden voice fit for new wave stardom, Kenji is just at the cusp of what he’s able to accomplish.

After dropping his fourth consecutive mixtape F*CK YOUR FEELINGS in June, the Internet Money sensation continues to hone his love-torn sound on his latest SoundCloud exclusive “Valhalla.”

Recruiting IM producers Rio Levya, thankyouwill and frequent collaborator Cxdy — whose 2021 run has been nothing short of staggering (“Whipski,” “His & Hers,” “Never Left”) — Kenji is back in his bag, strengthening his case once more as the genre’s most talented up-and-comer. “Valhalla” is not only memorable and instantly captivating, but it effortlessly portrays Kenji’s emotive verses and passionate hooks more than ever before.

Crooning about his newfound fame, Kenji still toils over the heartbreak that consumes him — audibly suppressing his feelings and letting in distractions to take his mind away. With fast-paced percussion, arpeggiated bells and swirling synths, Kenji turns in one of his most enjoyable tracks to date.

She know she riding with a star

Lately, I’ve been thinking that we better together

I wanna be there for you, it’s hard

I don’t wanna put you under all of this pressure

And I smoke too much, it clear my thoughts

That thot ran loose and took that loss

What if I told you I’ve been through hell?

Tryna stack that money up like a hundred feet tall

Dro Kenji — “VALHALLA”

His vocal range shines with airy ad-libs and glistening pitch changes, as the track’s 1:55 run-time is packed with immersive melodies Kenji has become known for.

Recently linking with Canadian artist Boslen on “NIGHTFALL” along with dropping the visual to “IM RICH NOW BITCH,” Kenji has certainly had a productive summer — performing at Rolling Loud, HIVE Festival, Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash on top of releasing “FYF.”

While Kenji’s hard work continues to pay off, the budding superstar shows yet again that he’s cut from a different cloth.

Listen to “Valhalla” by Dro Kenji below!