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Dro Kenji, Scorey, Internet Money connect for ‘FINDERS KEEPERS’

Simply put, very few artists have seen themselves flourish as fast as Internet Money sensation Dro Kenji.

Off the back of his 2020 debut TEARS AND PISTOLSand his three-album run in 2021 — Kenji’s place as one of the new wave’s blossoming superstars is becoming more apparent with each passing track.

Gearing up for his fifth project in just over a year in WITH OR WITHOUT YOU (slated for release in January 2022), the South Carolina phenom’s diligence to his craft has been proven to be second to none. With a seemingly neverending supply of bangers — releasing WOWY’s lead single “VANISH” in November — Kenji’s speeding toward his next full-length release on his latest single “FINDERS KEEPERS.”

Recruiting the likes of Polo G-signee Scorey and Internet Money’s finest in Nick Mira, Taz Taylor and Nash, the crew puts together a bonafide hit as Kenji turns the limelight over to his rock-stricken collaborator. “FINDERS KEEPERS” not only features twinkling guitar melodies and accentuated percussive elements, but showcases the pair’s diverse skillset and chemistry all at once. Scorey’s ear-lacing hook instantly grabs listeners’ attention with an energetic, up-tempo flow that ignites the party as soon as he steps in — speaking on hitting his plug when he’s already “T’d up.”

Oh, T’d up

I’ve been taking drugs ’til my heart stop, re’d-up

I might hit the plug, I need all Wock’, drink up

She just tryna lick me ’cause my ice like it’s rita’s

She know that she want me ’cause it’s finders keepers

Scorey — FINDERS KEEPERS (hook)

Dro Kenji’s ‘Tears and Pistols’ stands as a new wave classic

Following Scorey’s lead, Kenji comes in seemingly out of nowhere, pushing the track forward by complementing his flow and singing on counting his bands, his “darkside” and “Useless Feelings” — acting as acallback to the lead track of his 2021 tape EAT YOUR HEART OUT. Kenji’s quick-witted bars mixed with his iridescent vocal capalities bring the track to an all-time high, as the Internet Money star mixes both his vocal register and cadence to create an ethereally-sung verse.

Dro Kenji’s drops new single ‘Vanish,’ announces ‘With Or Without You’ tour

Imma keep on counting all this money til my fingers hurt

Then I’ll get a money counter, this s*** got an endless limit

Rock out in my wonderland like I can’t hear a hating n****

Smoke out all my useless feelings

I do not debate with Satan

On the darkside, of your life

Gotta lot of your energy, but it’s not mine

Got a lot of evil enemies and that’s all fine

But you’re the only thing I worry bout when I’m not high

Dro Kenji — “FINDERS KEEPERS” (verse 1)

Following the release of “FINDERS KEEPERS,” Kenji and IM label boss Taz Taylor revealed that WITH OR WITHOUT YOU was submitted on Dec. 29. Fans should expect a top of the year release from Internet Money’s resident crooner as Kenji looks to continue to his stellar 2021 into the new year.

Kenji’s last full-length LP FUCK YOUR FEELINGS reasserted the buzzing singer-rapper’s impact in the scene, climbing to the top of hip-hop’s burgeoning emo-rap genre. Finishing up his first multi-city tour his WITH OR WITHOUT YOU tour which took place from November to mid-December — the Internet Money star is just getting started.

As his fifth project looms closer as the weeks go by, Kenji is poised to become the “SUPERSTAR” he was always meant to be.

Listen to ‘FINDERS KEEPERS’ below!