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Eem Triplin feels his ‘Heartbeat’ on new single

Eem Triplin‘s ascent has seemed rather sudden on the exterior, but his work behind the scenes helped fans realize how long the producer-rapper extraordinaire has deserved his shine.

Going from producing hits for $NOT — dating back to his 2020 track “STRANDED *” — to now racking up millions of Spotify plays for songs like his breakout, Tyler, The Creator-inspired “Awkward Freestyle,” Eem is truly a star in the making.

Without a full-length project out yet, Eem’s fanbase, which grows by the day, is always hungry for more music. Two weeks after putting out his most recent track “Around the World,” Eem is back with a new, more emotionally-driven song titled “Heartbeat” (July 5).

Originally released as a SoundCloud exclusive, the track was added to all digital streaming platforms on Wednesday (July 6). “Heartbeat” sees Eem both flow and croon over multifaceted, beat-switch infused production. The first half of the song showcases Eem’s strong production skills — gliding over melancholic, glossy pianos while he rehashes what made his relationship with a significant other fall flat. The second half, though, sees the atmosphere make a complete 180 — touting upbeat trap drums and claps as Eem convinces his muse that he’s got the “remedy for all of life’s problems.”

I never said I was perfect I’m bein’ honest bae

No I ain’t mean to just hurt you I mean that honestly

You said I wasted your time and want me to give it back

I know it’s not my fault, all the feelings we had

“HEARTBEAY” — Eem Triplin

“Heartbeat” once again displays Eem’s innate ability to correspond his production with his vocals in a way not many artists at his stage can. With continued releases like this, Eem will continue to climb the ladder of success that he makes seems more linear than others.

Check out “Heartbeat” by Eem Triplin below!