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Glaive drives love crazy on new single ‘three wheels and it still drives’

You can always teach an Old Dog, New Tricks, but Glaive doesn’t need to be taught — it all seems to come naturally.

Following an exclusive Spotify Singles two-pack — which featured acoustic renditions of “minnesota is a place that exists” and Death Cab For Cutie’s “I will follow you into the dark” — Glaive is back in the driver’s seat, sharing his first-ever 3-minute long track “three wheels and it still drives” on Wednesday (Sept. 28).

His latest love-torn single not only consists of two contrasting parts, but once again showcases Glaive’s knack for creating an entire experience in his music. Evident on previous cuts like “prick” and “minnesota,” “three wheels and it still drives” is perhaps the North Carolina-based crooner’s most pop-centric effort to date. Led in by a methodically-strum guitar chords, Glaive’s “right person, wrong time” chorus is both relatable and on brand for the budding hyperpop star — emitting more combative lustful vibes on “three wheels.”

“My friends all ask what’s on my mind / And I can’t lie, it’s you sometimes / So I just smile, think of you and I,” he croons on the hook, as his meditative vocals flip a switch on the track’s energetic, rock-punk breakdown. His angsty and sonically bombastic performance is fueled by lines in “We used to pass time, now we’re just strangers, oh God” and “I could f–k with your head like you f–k with mine.” Extinguishing the flame he once held close, Glaive is breaking hearts with no remorse.

“Right person, wrong time

You best believe when I say it

I haven’t felt this way in a long, long time

6 Dogs by the seaside, think of you when they play it

For a, for a long, long time, and that’s alright”

Glaive — “three wheels and it still drives”

Previously sharing the aforementioned “minnesota is a place that exists” and “more than life” with MGK, Glaive is well into his “america is a place that exists” tour — continuing to cultivate a rapidly growing fan base all on his own accord. While the singer’s iridescent, folk-lorn sound is the main driver of this growth, his optimism and youthful radiance outwardly shines through in each of his performances — both on stage and in recording.

Catching up with him after his set at Lollapalooza (July 28-31), the hyperpop wunderkind wishes to put out an album on his birthday, but “it all depends on if I can get everything done right now.” He’s striving for perfection, and “three wheels and it still drives” is a convincing taste of a future flawless project.

“I’ve made a lot of good songs, but I want it to be like every song is like, great, beautiful. I don’t want to have any songs that I’m like, ‘Oh, this is not the best.’ So I’m really focusing on trying to make everything perfect.”

Glaive to OGM

As mainstream acclaim becomes more in reach, Glaive isn’t letting off the gas of his three-wheeler anytime soon.

Check out “three wheels and it still drives” below!

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