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Highway jumps off a ‘Jet’ and into Supreme SS23

Highway dropped another new single this week as fans eagerly await the release of his upcoming EP, Monochrome.

In addition to the release of his new Mike Hector-produced single “Jet” off his upcoming project, Supreme announced their new SS23 collection with a spread in THEM magazine featuring Highway alongside internationally renowned graffiti artist and fellow Seattle-native, CHITO. It’s safe to say Highway is flying high this week.

With his new single, once again Highway shows off his versatility as he sets the bar high for his upcoming project. Especially in contrast to the dark and moody “Sin City” with Jetsonmade released a few weeks ago, “Jet” is one of the lightest and most upbeat looks at Highway yet – gliding over killer production from Mike Hector ( co-prod. Gray Toomey & Simbo) as he details the jet-setting lifestyle he’s stepping into as his star continues to rise.

Both of his latest videos were directed by FranklinsPOV, who managed to capture the hard-to-describe magic of Highway with two very different visuals. Shot in crisp black-and-white to match the Monochrome theme, this time we see Highway out and about in the world looking like the picture of cool confidence as he cruises through the streets of LA in a droptop – presumably on his way from the jet straight to the set. 

In addition to his captivating sound, Highway is known for his general coolness and keen sense of style that usually consists of distinct and uniquely paired pieces almost entirely coming in different shades of black – like the pieces seen in the “Jet” visual. 

As such, it was a huge moment this week when Supreme revealed their new SS23 collection with THEM Magazine featuring Highway alongside the young graffiti legend, CHITO. The pair of Seattle-natives have become close through past collaborations, sharing an air of mystery and boasting distinct signature styles that have captivated the cutting edge in their respective fields. As they both continue to move from the fringes to the foreground on their own terms, they’ll no doubt find new and interesting ways to join forces. 

Following another big week for Highway, fans are surely in for a treat as they eagerly await the release of Monochrome next month. 

Watch Highway’s “Jet” below 

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