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Ice Spice sparkles with PinkPatheress on ‘Boy’s a liar Pt. 2’

PinkPantheress and Ice Spice may sound completely different, but their come-ups complement one another.

Both gaining viral traction on TikTok and through social media trends, both blossomed as artists who provide a breath of fresh air to their respective genres. From about every perspective imaginable, a collaboration between the two only makes sense, as the bubbly vibes that exude on “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” are only possible through these trailblazing queens.

On paper, the sequel to PinkPantheress’ “Boy’s a liar” adds a dash of Ice Spice to the track, but their slithering vocal contrast keeps you in a daze that doesn’t let go. It’s a welcome surprise too, as Ice’s recent EP, Like..?, brought her poppy, bass-rumbling brand of drill to the forefront of the game — unsurprisingly cementing herself as a certified emcee.

The Bronx native’s ability to seamlessly slide within the track’s structure is as much due to the squeaky clean production from Mura Masa as it is the “Munch” star’s flexible style of rapping. Pantheress’s gentle vocal presence is almost as trademark as her carefree vibe, as Ice Spice’s confident flows play into her patented NYC flair.

As if all this ear candy wasn’t enough, the George and Frederick Buford-directed music video adds another layer to the track’s whimsical sound. The simplistic visuals see them having a blast atop roofs, a subway station and the streets, as subtle visual effects and tight camera zooms let the two stars shine (as they should). Shades of Ice Spice’s pink and white fits glisten without need for VFX, with dark backdrops adding more dynamic realism than any CGI effect could.

Keeping things simple isn’t as easy as it sounds, but what’s clear is that everyone involved knows how big this song can be — and I’m crossing my fingers along with them.

Watch “Boys a liar Pt. 2” below!

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