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PinkPantheress, Mura Musa reunite on energetic new banger ‘Boy’s a liar’

Ever since PinkPantheress‘ long-awaited anthem “Just for me” was released in 2021, few collaborations in music have stayed as consistent or exciting as PinkPantheress and Mura Masa.

Earlier this year the duo linked again on the Shygirl and Lil Uzi Vert-assisted “bbycakes,” but this week stars align on PinkPantheress’ newest single “Boy’s a liar.” Released on Wednesday (Nov. 30), “Boy’s a liar” sees PinkPantheress reuniting with longtime collaborator Mura Masa to deliver the perfect banger for your cuffing season woes.

Preceded by the KAYTRANADA-produced “Do you miss me?”, “Boy’s a liar” synthesizes romantic melancholy with a heavy dose of eclectic house-infused energy. Despite the track’s bright and cutesy production style, PinkPantheress again finds herself afflicted by a relationship whose romance may have reached its unfortunate end.

“Every time I pull my hair, well, it’s only out of fear

That you’ll find me ugly and one day you’ll disappear because

What’s the point of crying? It was never even love

Did you ever want me? Was I ever good enough?

Thе boy’s a liar, the boy’s a liar

He doesn’t see ya, you’rе not looking at me, boy”

“Boy’s a liar” — PinkPantheress, Mura Masa

Though “Boy’s a liar” may not be the most optimistic track to come from the London-based artist, PinkPantheress ultimately turns her negative situation into a positive one by realizing that her partner isn’t properly communicating with her – and she deserves better. Through her own romantic turmoil, PinkPantheress is able to self-actualize while seeing things for how they are. Between “Boy’s a liar’s” distinct music box instrumentation and Jersey club stylistics, Mura Masa and PinkPantheress hold nothing back on their newest release.

Over the past two years PinkPantheress has been able to establish herself as one of the most culturally-prominent and consistent artists of the new generation — and “Boy’s a liar” is no exception. With more music likely slated for release after the new year, there’s never been a better time to be a fan.

Check out “Boy’s a liar” below!