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IDK, Denzel Curry serve ‘Dog Food’ on new single

IDK is currently gearing up to drop his 8-track collaborative album Simple with dance/electronic producer KAYTRANADA. After putting out its first promotional single “Taco” on April 8, IDK is back one more time before the full album releases.

On April 29, IDK and KAYTRANADA dropped “Dog Food” featuring Denzel Curry, which further establishes the chemistry the Maryland rapper and instrumental icon have been building as of late.

Over the groovy dance cut, IDK unleashes an entertaining flow about avoiding the police and moving drugs through his community, hoping his friends and family don’t snitch on him. Throughout his verse, KAYTRANADA incorporates upbeat jazzy horns that add to the light-hearted atmosphere that complements the allusions IDK employs.

I hope they don’t sing like they’re tryna win a GRAMMY

I hope it ain’t a act like they’re tryna win a Emmy

I’m tryna get a nut, so I’m movin’ like I’m Sandy

I’m livin’ underwater, I don’t know how I can breathe (Huh)

“Dog Food” — IDK, KAYTRANADA featuring Denzel Curry

After another rendition of the “the block is hot” hook, Denzel Curry bursts onto the track with a more aggressive tone that he is notorious for. While spitting bars about mourning his brothers that have been lost to gang violence.

The block’s definition of hot, I be a simile

I know the definition of opp, that be the enemy

I seen a lot of brothers get popped, we pourin’ Hennessy

And God forbid a nigga get locked, ’cause it ain’t ten of me

“Dog Food” — IDK, KAYTRANADA featuring Denzel Curry

“Dog Food” caps off a brief yet effective rollout for Simple, which is slated to release next Friday (May 6).

IDK and Denzel Curry together once again has equated to a tasteful and amusing collaboration, much like past tracks “ONCE UPON A TIME (FREESTYLE)” and “No Wave.”

Check out “Dog Food” by IDK, Denzel Curry and KAYTRANADA below!