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JELEEL! wants you to ‘RIDE THE WAVE!’ on lead single for ‘REAL RAW!’

The new wave’s enigmatic backflipping rapper is set to take his artistic extremes to a whole new level, as OGM all-star JELEEL! releases his new single “RIDE THE WAVE.”

As the leading track off his upcoming album REAL RAW, the hulking emcee has experienced quite an ascension in 2022. After taking “SHOTS!” with Denzel Curry on their collaborative track, JELEEL!’s popularity amongst the masses has only grown, with his appropriately titled song “DIVE IN!” set to breach 75 million streams on Spotify any day now.

Each of his singles up to this point have been great, from “JELEEL JUICE!” acting as the conventionally appealing introduction to his rap-rock instrumentals to the inspirational sway and singing heard on “DELIVER!

Thankfully, “RIDE THE WAVE” is no different. An electric guitar-led melody lifts JELEEL! to the stratospheres, as thumping 808’s carry a similar energy that his other songs have. It’s hype music that makes you feel good, and JELEEL! feels like he’s about to leap out of a comic book with the rate at which he’s exponentially building momentum with each successive song.

It might be easy to purely characterize the artist through his unmissably athletic physique and subsequent use of it on stage, but that’s the Achilees heel of being a rapper engulfed in the “TikTok generation,” as virality relies more on theatrics than it does talent.

JELEEL! pierces through this artistic conflict with an iron fist, as the punk-meets-rap approach towards his sound lets him secure a sonic landscape of his own, as he happily shouts, raps, sings, and flips to his heart’s content. The emphasized capitalization and exclamation point following each of his song titles is no gimmick, but rather a promise of the melodic rage that JELEEL! is all about.

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