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JELEEL! sets it off on ‘SHOTS!’ with Denzel Curry

Back in August, we conducted an exclusive interview with Denzel Curry ahead of his Melt My Eyez See Your Future expanded edition. During the conversation, Curry mentioned how he wanted to put out music with some upcoming acts like redveil, Mike Dimes, JELEEL! and more.

Looking back on it, it appears that Zel was serious about this assertion. After linking redveil for the “pg baby” remix in late October, the Floridian finally connected with the energetic powerhouse JELEEL!, as they dropped their new single “SHOTS!” on Nov. 18.

Explaining in a tweet that not every beat he tackles needs to be sung over, JELEEL! fittingly fires off like a semi-automatic on “SHOTS!” In between renditions of his relatively groovy hook, he uses a shouted, repetitive “real raw” refrain to exemplify the energy this track was meant to bring.

Shots-shots in the air (Oh my)
Gettin’ real hot in here (Hot, hot)
Who-who let my dawgs in here? (Who? Who?)
We gon’ set it off in here (JELEEL!, yeah)

“SHOTS!” — JELEEL!, Denzel Curry

Feeding off this “real raw energy” on the back half of the track, Curry’s guest verse sees him use football, gun and volcano allusions to convey his fiery message. Being one of the only lyricists that could match JELEEL!’s charisma, Denzel adds even more explosiveness to the track.

As JELEEL!’s seventh single of the year, “SHOTS!” is just another reason why we continue to see the emerging artist continue to ascend and evolve.

Check out “SHOTS!” below!