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Mike Dimes stays busy ‘247’ with new single

2022 continues to be a life-changing year for Mike Dimes.

Following up his March studio album In Dimes We Trust with a multitude of potent singles like the “HOME” remix which added an explosive JID verse and June’s “Talk2me,” Dimes keeps stacking up followers, fans, streams and co-signs.

Now, three weeks after posting to Instagram his “MIKE DIMES NEW… 2022” folder alluding to more music to close the year, he has returned. Dropping his latest song “247” on Oct. 18, Mike gives a glimpse of how much his phone has been blowing up during this exciting come-up.

Over raging synths and raucous hi-hats and bass, Mike’s opening verse sandwiched by his aggressive hook sees him dodge the hatin’ while visiting “foreign locations.”

247 this phone keep buzzing (Huh)

B*tch it’s nothin’, b*tch it’s nothin’, yeah it’s nothin’

247 these racks keep comin’

B*tch it’s nothin’, b*tch it’s nothin’, yeah it’s nothin’

“247” — Mike Dimes

Truly exemplifying all the pros and cons that come with a meteoric rise to success, Mike’s focused flow stands out as a clear reason why everyone wants to hit his line in the first place.

As one of the most widely appealing and enjoyable acts rising throughout the underground this year, Mike continues to put Texas on the map 24/7.

Check out Mike Dimes’ new single below!