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Joony enjoys his ‘moment’ on ‘Pretty In Black’ deluxe

UPDATE: Joony shared the visual to PIB’s “ON DAT SHIT” on Wednesday (Sept. 21).

Following his breakout feature and co-writing credits on Brent Faiyaz’s “masterpiece” Wasteland, Lost Kids’ secret weapon Joony is on an absolute roll.

Backed by the success of his new album PRETTY IN BLACK, the alt-pluggnb rapper has tirelessly curated a vibe all his own — continuing to build out PIB’s emotion-driven world on his new 10-track deluxe. Released on Friday (Aug. 12), Joony reasserts that his talent in hip-hop’s new wave is next level on PRETTY IN BLACK’s extended cut.

Just a few months removed from his eclectic LP, Joony’s new offering sounds like a fever dream, but comes crashing with cheeky bars that fly carefree throughout. On tracks like its lead single “Dork” and “Everyday,” Joony floats over the fleeting, string-infused production as he spits warm flows that melt into the tracks’ sliding synths — rapping about designer brands and “throwin dat” cash all “on the floor.”

His off-the-top energy is apparent througout the early portion of the record, sounding flawlessly in tune with himself and his sound. While Joony’s voice is the star of the show — utilizing a drawled, song-infused delivery — he takes his vocal prowess to a whole new level on Afrobeat-centric tracks like “Everything” and “Wildin.” Perfect for late-night drives with the August sun setting in the distance, there’s points where Joony emulates a certain Drake energy to these tracks, as More Life vibes ooze through “Wildin’s” island keys, airy flute sections and infectious Carribean bounce.

These sounds are offset by banger cuts in the rage-inducing “RECIPE” (prod. by the inimitable Mannyvelli), the instantly catchy “21” and its grandiose finale “Aventador” — depicting Joony skirting off in the sunset whipping a Lambo full speed ahead.

Amid PIB’s deluxe, Joony feels like he’s really “showing the world” what he’s made of in this “moment.” Earning his first-ever chart placement for his work on Faiyaz’s Wasteland in July, the 21-year-old crooner has come a long way from fighting Silent Battles last year. Off the back of his 2021 EP Proud Of U, it was adapt or die for the Silver Springs, Maryland emcee — who finds “redemption” on his most polished project yet: PRETTY IN BLACK.

“A lot of people aren’t going to feel the same way as me about this, but I felt like with my ‘Proud Of U’ EP, I didn’t really put my best music out at the time. I feel like ‘PRETTY IN BLACK’ is sort of my redemption in terms of my feelings toward my music. ‘Proud Of U’ was rushed… But this ‘PRETTY IN BLACK’ moment is where I’m really showing the world I’m coming back stronger than ever.”

Joony to OGM

Dropping off the visual for “ON DAT SHIT,” “MISERY” and live performance of “I’M IN LOVE,” the deluxe to PRETTY IN BLACK sees Joony celebrating his wins with new vibes to last late into the year.

Check out “Pretty In Black (Deluxe)” below!

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