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Joony’s ‘SHITUMSS’ deluxe is a perfect dose of different, divine trap

Joony “just hopped out of that Bentley” with a vengeance — proving that no one is on his wave.

The DMV enigma’s latest mixtape SHITUMSS is a triumph of off-kilter and hard-hitting cuts alike, as the project (originally released on May 5) features a few instant favorites that highlight the region’s sound. Sharing two new tracks, “SPANKY JACKSON” and “TAGS,” on the deluxe Friday (June 2), Joony’s vocals are irresistible, infectious and overall undeniable on songs like “ALL OVER THE HOUSE,” “SEXY BOUT IT” “HOLD ME DOWN” and more.

The nostalgically addicting, DMV-packed tape — featuring production from natives in Mannyvelli, Spizzle, Dawg Servin, Big Weigh, Turk, Trill800 and 4Days — embodies being “On Shit,” or having “real motion” and not putting up any fronts. Forged in the trapped-out basements of their hometowns, the authentic, powerful performances on SHITUMSS are a tell-tale sign of Joony’s trajectory.

“We want to show you what we’ve worked on for the last two years. Everyone is from the DMV, and these songs were all made in trapped-out vibes. This is a representation of the area. The DMV. We called it SHITUMSS because we’re on shit. Encompassing the vibes from the basement.”

Joony on ‘SHITUMSS’

Of the many highlights, “JAGGED EDGE,” “OOOOOOO” and “SPIZZLEVIBE” all bring something completely different to the table. Displaying Joony’s relentless versatility on each effort, Jagged Edge’s 1999 classic “He Can’t Love U” is interpolated and pitched on “JAGGED EDGE,” creating a vibe only the Maryland crooner can spin. The sample-laden slow jam morphs into “OOOOOOO” — a vibey, dance-rap track that sounds akin to a lunar exploration. It’s a hit, undeniably, one of many on SHITUMSS that sees mixtape Joon ascend to new heights over Jersey Club-inspired bops.

“SPIZZLEVIBE” also becomes a quick contender for the tape’s best track, feeling as if you’ve awaken from a 20-year coma escaping the Twilight Zone, or something. His bars are spaced between love-laced grooves and bravado to the max, maintaining a sense of suaveness that never feels forced or fabricated. Joony’s brand of half-awake, woozy R&B-trap never grows tiresome, and SHITUMSS is just another example of his status as a deep breath of fresh air.

Coinciding the new record, Joony plans to headline his first-ever European tour this summer, currently scheduling more dates to accomodate high demand. Premiering some new lingo alongside SHITUMMS, 211made explained the dictionary definition of the tape in an Instagram post.

A term used to describe a state of being actively engaged in real motion, focusing on genuine and impactful actions rather than performative or superficial gestures. Derived from the phrase “on shit,” shitumss Is an authentic approach to life, art, or any endeavor, reflecting dedication

“SHITUMSS” definition

The PRETTY IN BLACK singer-rapper completely elevated himself in 2022. Along with contributing to Brent Faiyaz’s WASTELAND, Joony dropped his proper debut record PRETTY IN BLACK last May — sharing its coinciding 9-track deluxe months later in August.

He’s kept that same energy in 2023, building towards his new tape with “One Track Minded” (Jan. 20) featuring rising R&B phenom Kelz and “Bad Time” (March 3) with Victor Victor’s Highway. Also teasing a joint mixtape with fellow DMV native TyFontaine — who assisted him on The ReviveJoony is poised for an even bigger breakout as one of the new wave’s premier trendsetters.

With a sound undeniably his own, SHITUMSS thrives in a different category altogether.

Listen to ‘SHITUMSS’ below’

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