KA$HDAMI continues hot streak on new single ‘Intermission’

Following the release of his debut studio album, epiphany, in June, rising Vegas star KA$HDAMI continues the new wave’s rage on his latest single “Intermission.”

Starting to rollout out his previously teased album, hypernova, the young prodigy has bee updating fans about its status for weeks. Along with accompanying visuals for “Intermission” — touting the cinematography of his his self-proclaimed “video of the year” — KA$HDAMI has his sights set on greater success this time around.

“Intermission” is DAMI’s second official single to drop in a two-month span, as his September track “Public” turned heads with its bold bars and hauntingly hard-hitting instrumental. “Intermission” is a complete-180 from what “Public” brought forth, as KA$H utilizes the new wave’s signature distorted synth melodies and viscerally flexes in every capacity — rapping about designer, oppositions and frivously spending bands.

I got your thot givin’ slop to the team, boy

Bitch, I’m paranoid, I’m smokin’ weed for my dreams, boy

Niggas sippin’ dish detergent, you know that ain’t lean, boy

Niggas wearin’ shirts that sayin’ savage to supreme, boy

Niggas not ’bout it, the ones that’s clouted just be counterfit

Bitch, I spent your rent on these kicks and this new designеr fit

Only thing I simp for is these kicks and this fuckin’ drip

My Glocky don’t talkin’, it be bussin’ without my consеnt

KA$HDAMI — “Intermission”

Making numerous feature appearances over the summer, KA$HDAMI found himself featured on Lyrical Lemonade twice this year with BabySantana and SSGKobe. His most recent guest spot on midwxst’s mixtape, Back In Action, further showcases DAMI’s hit-making ability on their collab hit “LA.”

Just shortly after announcing “Intermission,” KA$H’s new clothing brand KA$HWAY officially opened for business. It’s inaugural drop included a short sleeve t-shirt, zip-up hoodie and lighter with the KA$HWAY logo.

KA$HDAMI also clued fans into potentially dropping two albums this year, stemming from a now-deleted tweet put out in early September.

As hypernova appears to loom closer each day, maybe that second project will come as a surprise for all — or not at all.

Listen to “Intermission” by KA$HDAMI’s below!


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