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Ye releases new Spotify exclusive ‘Eazy’ with The Game

Less than a year removed from dominating hip-hop conversations with his 10th LP Donda, Kanye West has shifted the music world’s attention once more.

The past week, Ye has been hanging with an elite mob of the most spontaneous celebrities imaginable, including his new girlfriend Julia Fox, recent NFL headline-magnet Antonio Brown, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, Floyd Mayweather, Madonna and several others.

Ye has also been spotted working on music with Blueface, Moneybagg Yo, Big Sean and, particularly, The Game, who is featured on the pair’s brand new single, “Eazy.”

“Eazy” comes amid a flood of photos, videos and reports of Ye working on his upcoming Donda 2 record — a sequel to his gospel-fueled August 2021 resurgent studio album.

Sampling “Eazy Duz It” by the late Compton hero Eazy E and including record scratches by DJ Premier, Kanye uses “Eazy” to get a lot of his recent qualms off his chest. The track is exclusively available on Spotify for the next 24 hours, as Ye sternly clears the air surrounding his life and relationships on the sampled cut.

The Game opens the song with a vintage verse about “puffin’ chronic” and his Dr. Dre affinity. His stranglehold over the first half of “Eazy” is thanks to his powerful cadence and rough-around-the-edges attitude.

Puffin’ chronic puffin’, Biggie out the window, speaker subbin’

Runnin’ to the crips, it ain’t no discussion

Bullet wounds drenched in Hennessey and tea spoons of Robitussin

Head up faze, got a few concussion, yeah

Compton’s amazed, Dr. Dre percussion

“Eazy” — Kanye West featuring The Game

Once Kanye snatches the mic for the song’s second half, he wastes no time raising eyebrows. His “God Ye” flow is oozing with dramatic name drops such as his ex-sister-in-law Kourtney Kardashian and ex-wife’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

The height of the track is a bold proclamation that he is thoroughly enjoying the process of his split from Kim Kardashian, calling it the “best divorce ever.”

Already having sat down with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee for an exclusive interview, Ye is poised to get a lot more off his chest once their conversation drops. However, a clip of the interview was prematurely posted online, as some of Kanye’s early quotes were shared by respected Ye news source, Photos Of Ye — talking about his current situation with his children.

Overall, “Eazy” serves as a fantastic introduction to a new era of Kanye West’s artistry, revealing his current mindset and relationships in the best way he knows how.

Check out Kanye West’s fresh song “Eazy” with The Game!