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Kevin Abstract steals hearts on ‘Sierra Nights’ with Ryan Beatty

Brockhampton frontman Kevin Abstract has certainly kept busy since dropping BH’s sixth LP, ROADRUNNER, in April.

As the band plans to seperate and focus on their solo careers after their 2022 tour, Abstract continues to build momentum towards his upcoming solo project. Dropping its first single “Slugger” in July, Abstract has doubled down on his off-kilt sound — pioneered by the diverse influences found in Brockhampton’s discography.

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Sierra Nights” is yet another testament to Abstract’s talent — unable to be confined to a specific genre. The track’s soft, sultry guitar melodies mesh perfectly with Abstract’s versatile vocal range, leading in longtime BH affiliate Ryan Beatty’s gorgeous harmonies on the hook. Abstract has said that the last verse of the song is dedicated to his boyfriend — as Beatty aids him in an anthem about both affection and affliction.

Beatty’s performance is specifically breathtaking, complementing Abstract’s autotune sing-rapping similar to that of Travis Scott’s. The track’s groovy drum pattern along with airy synths and staggered effects provide added texture to an already a warm, euphoric listen.

And that my soldier, that my soldier, that my soldier, he know

He know I got until we old, until we put in the ground

The three-peat, my life on repeat

This shit like three-peat, my life on repeat

Kevin Abstract — “Sierra Nights”

Abstract has never been one to shy away from his feelings in his music. Constantly speaking his mind, all three of his verses are dense — painting a complete picture of his innermost thoughts and emotions regarding himself and his relationship.

Two singles deep into his album roll-out, Abstract looks to take center stage once more as one of hip-hop’s most enigmatic alt-rappers.

Listen to “Sierra Nights” below!