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Lil Tjay laments on ‘Christmas In A Cell’

As we transition away from fall, to Thanksgiving into the holidays, tis the season for artists to reach into their jolly bag and craft some timely, feel-good music to celebrate.

Already this year, we’ve seen beloved R&B icon Bryson Tiller drop a 7-pack of tracks in his latest EP A Different Christmas, where he inserts his unique flair into holiday-themed tracks to get fans ready for Christmas.

On Wednesday (Dec. 1), just as December kicked off, Lil Tjay decided he would try his hand at a Christmas-inspired track. However, unlike most holiday songs that glorify the cold weather, the seasonal romance and the anticipation for Dec. 25, Tjay decided to make a statement for his friends that won’t be home for Christmas.

Christmas In A Cell” is a powerfully somber track, where Tjay reminisces on a time where he was imprisoned on Christmas, and extends empathy to those who will be locked up for this year’s holiday season. As cheery bells loop on the instrumental, Tjay’s downtrodden crooning sheds a light on the harsh realities the holiday season can bring. Right off the bat, Tjay opens the three-and-a-half minute song with a powerful chorus, advocating for his incarcerated brothers.

Free my n****s locked down this Christmas

Many nights ’til you comin’ home

Remember sittin’ in that cell all alone, alone

Free my n****s locked down this Christmas

Remember bein’ locked down on Christmas

Remember bein’ in that cell

I was prayin’ someone save me, Lord wish me well

“Christmas In A Cell” — Lil Tjay

Hopelessness and sorrow strike through immediately as Tjay’s subsequent verses continue developing his feelings throughout the track — discussing the contrast of the life of a judge and the people he/she sends to jail during Christmas time.

Free the guys, thinkin’ bout it, this is so wack

Judge sentenced you and then he get to go back

To his home, he chillin’ on Christmas

He done sent a thousand families distant

I done got some real family missin’

“Christmas In A Cell” — Lil Tjay

Tjay’s ability to paint this crestfallen picture that is so hard to look at is impressive. The overwhelming message of the song Tjay effectively gets across is simple: don’t forget about those who are not able to be with their families on Christmas.

“Christmas In A Cell” is exclusively available on SoundCloud and YouTube, and it’s absolutely worth a listen.

Check out Lil Tjay’s new track “Christmas In A Cell” below!