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logic ends retirement

Logic ends retirement with new single ‘Intro’

Logic new single ‘Intro’: Eleven months after retiring from hip-hop, the Maryland rapper executes Jordan-esque return.

Logic released what was intended to be his final album, No Pressure, in July 2020. The album served as somewhat of a retirement speech, recapping all of his experiences over the course of his career.

No Pressure saw Logic at his most mature — and most impressive — utilizing all the skills he’s picked up along the way. He gave tribute to his influences using samples and instrumentals, was particularly impressive with his lyricism and songwriting and signed off attributing his exit from rap to devote time to his family.

While it is not uncommon for rappers to “retire” from hip-hop, it’s almost equally commonplace for them to “un-retire.” Logic is hip-hop’s latest figure to do so. On Wednesday (June 16), Logic posted the cover art for his newest single with the caption “Friday.” The cover art resembles the letter Michael Jordan faxed to announce his return to basketball from retirement in 1995.

As stated in the tweet, “Intro” by Logic dropped Friday (June 18), as it serves as a grand re-entrance into the game. “Intro,” clocking in at one minute and forty-two seconds, enlists a triumphant, piano-infused instrumental that sounds as though it is building up to something the entire time.

The song, however, ends swiftly after Logic uses the song to reminisce on his come-up in rap with bars like:

Relieve the pain like ketamine, relive the pain and let ’em in

Started as a freshman, now Logic a veteran

Thinkin’ ’bout the time it took to get here

I signed a deal and made the mills, can finally afford to pay the bills

“Intro” — Logic

Logic titling the song “Intro” is fitting as this song certainly sounds like it is ushering in a project. So, the freshly un-retired veteran may have more music up his sleeve that he’s been working on in his absence. Until then, stream Logic’s newest single “Intro” below.

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