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Matt OX drops new banger ‘Live It Up’

17-year-old rager sticks to his bread and butter on latest single.

It can be tough to wrap your head around the fact that Matt OX is essentially a veteran in the rap game. But, already through several facets of his career, Matt OX continues to bring the energy that made him an attractive artist since the beginning. On August 6, he dropped “Live It Up” on SoundCloud.

This new single comes during a busy year for Matt OX, as he already released a mixtape in February and several other singles since then. Along with that, he has collaborated with fellow new wave rappers in 2021 such as British artist Lancey Foux on “Take Advantage,” and TyFontaine and KA$HDAMI on “Pick a Strain.”

Coming up in the SoundCloud era, Matt OX stays to his roots by dropping a few of his singles solely on the platform, including this most recent one “Live It Up.” The song, less than two minutes in length, utilizes an increasingly popular production style that some would consider “rage” beats. Popularized by Playboi Carti and artists in his OPIUM label like Ken Car$on and Destroy Lonely, these electric, synth-heavy instrumentals are perfect for turning up.

The mosh pit friendly “Live It Up” combines this production and Matt OX’s energetic performance including unique vocal inflections and stretched-out rhymes on the hook.

You can’t get in where I go

I be flexin’ with that dope

I be flexin’ in my mode (Woah)

I be drippin’ in these clothes (Woah)

I be stickin’ to the code (Woah)

You never lived like this before (Before)

You know choppa gon’ wipe his nose (His nose)

We gon’ jump him, know we won’t fold (We won’t fold)

“Live It Up” — Matt OX

Check out Matt OX’s latest single “Live It Up” below.