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Morray links with Benny The Butcher for ‘Never Fail’

It’s hard to find anybody who has had a more breakthrough 2021 than Morray. As he went from relatively unknown to one of hip-hop’s most intriguing new voices on the back of his hit “Quicksand” — as well as his appearance on J. Cole’s The Off-season — the blessings have not stopped coming in.

After a debut mixtape and several high profile collaborations, Morray is back with his first single in two months. This time, he was able to connect with Griselda’s Benny The Butcher, as he has perhaps crafted his most versatile track to date.

Never Fail” released on Nov. 19, and spans nearly three-and-a-half minutes. The track sees Benny’s intense flow rub off on Morray, as he attacks the instrumental with more ferocity than ever before.

Morray opens the song with his intricate hook where the chip on his shoulder manifests into several amusing puns like “Safe sex but I’m raw, dawg” and “Treat a n***a like a scab, do a n***a bad, get a pussy scraped off.”

Next, he rattles off one of his most lyrically impressive verses ever. While Morray has been known as more of a melodic artist, his bars on “Never Fail” prove that he has plenty other skills in his arsenal.

Hit up Benny, it’s a butcher, wear an apron on you n****s

Turn ’em Ashton, hold the Kutcher, I ain’t playin’ with you n****s

It won’t be no fuckin’ prank if I pull up with the killers

Comin’ up two is no option

I get respect ’cause they know that I’m poppin’

These n****s tough for the camera, they vloggin’

“Never Fail” — Morray featuring Benny The Butcher

After another rendition of the hook, Benny comes in and does what he does best. Fans of Benny know that he is the man to go to when you want to hear intimidating, yet entertaining wordplay about drugs and money.

Street money, I’m in love with that

Bricks still come bubble wrapped

Movin’ money through accounts, I send a hunnid stacks through a double tap

Runnin’ laps round these other cats, I’m a street nigga, that’s another fact

“Never Fail” — Morray featuring Benny The Butcher

The visuals for “Never Fail” show Morray and Benny riding around the city as if they own it, flexing their jewelry and imposing their will on the streets.

After linking up with stars like J. Cole, 21 Savage and Polo G earlier this year, Benny is the latest to help Morray conjure up a banger.

Check out “Never Fail” by Morray and Benny The Butcher below!