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redveil jumps off the ‘diving board’ in new single

While still youthful in his teenage years, redveil already feels the pressure and adversity of artists twice his age. Whether it be due to the plight of Black Americans or being an under-appreciated, rising rapper, veil knows that time is of the essence.

On his latest single “diving board,” released on March 9, veil’s sage lyricism and loyalty to his musical roots inspires confidence in the blossoming star.

Throughout the song, redveil makes allusions to powering through rough circumstance and betting on yourself, particularly on the renditions of the hook, where he is seemingly convincing himself to jump off the diving board into the rough journey of life, and to hold his nose to swim, rather than sink.

Said we was pressing through the shine, now we here

And we ain’t got the time, we can’t revel in fear

Need to hold my nose, my nose, my nose

Need to hold my nose, my nose, my nose, yeah

“diving board” — redveil

Over the soulful drum beat with an elegant saxophone loop, redveil moves at his own pace. His approach to flowing over this vintage production, similar to the tunes that gave him notoriety on his 2020 project Niagara, garners comparisons to his rap heroes like Earl Sweatshirt, who he pays homage to in the song’s singular verse.

To know time and place and to persevere is everything it could ever take

Word to Earl, I could bend but could never break

“diving board” — redveil

The visuals for “diving board” depict a contemplative redveil on the shore of a creek, as he finally embraces the message he raps about at the end, and dives daringly into the water.

“diving board” is the second promotional single for redveil’s upcoming project, yet to be given a title or release date. With the potency of November’s “04” and now the motivational cut “diving board,” it appears the vision is becoming clearer as we enter “VEIL SZN,” which is right around the corner.

Check out redveil’s new single “diving board” below!