Supa Bwe spits a message on ‘ACAB’ with redveil, Chance The Rapper, 7000

After two years since his last single, Supa Bwe has emerged from the shadows to tell us how he really feels.

Recruiting an all-star lineup with 7000, redveil and Chance the Rapper, “ACAB” is a surprisingly soulful cut that shows the four rappers airing out their grievances about the current state of the justice system. Each rapper goes into their personal accounts of experiencing injustices in today’s society, from wrongful arrests to blatant harassment.

“They scared of skulls and bones and ouijas give them heebie jeebies

If that pandemic don’t pan out they gonna Eazy E me

They booked my partner for a P then tried to CBD me”

Chance the Rapper — “ACAB” by Supa Bwe

Chance is back with a vengeance on this track, warning listeners of the “ill will” he has seen from his success. The Chicago rap veteran has been dipping his toes back into the game following his 2019 album The Big Day, hopping on features with Vic Mensa, Grace Weber, Wiz Khalifa, Rockie Fresh and more.

Redveil brings a similar level of lyricism to the crew track, spitting a passionate verse with his own anecdotes of police brutality and an imperfect system. The 18-year-old DMV sensation recently dropped his introspective track “04,” a reference to his birth year.

According to Supa Bwe’s Instagram post, “ACAB” serves as the first official single off of an upcoming project titled no thanks. This unspecified release would be a follow-up to his 2019 album JAGUAR, a versatile project with a sole feature from GU$TO.

Check out “ACAB” by Supa Bwe, 7000, redveil and Chance The Rapper below!


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