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SleazyWorld Go taps Lil Baby for remix of viral hit ‘Sleazy Flow’

Bred in both Michigan and Missouri, SleazyWorld Go has seemingly been on top of the rap world for the past several months. By releasing his single “Sleazy Flow” on October 15, Sleazy unleashed a flood of viral trends on TikTok that have not let up to this day.

“Sleazy Flow”‘s iconic line “How you mad she choosing me? I like what she do to me, she say she feel safer over here this where the shooters be” has been in the background of over half a million sketches and dances on the app, kickstarting a fruitful 2022 for the young artist.

Back in our OGM interview with SleazyWorld Go in April, he had claimed that he would not be making remixes to the track similar to how NLE Choppa did with his first hit “Shotta Flow.” But, it’s clear that a co-sign from Lil Baby, one of the most coveted feature artists in the genre over the last 2-3 years, can change anybody’s mind in a heartbeat.

On Thursday (May 26), Sleazy dropped the long-awaited remix for “Sleazy Flow,” adding a Baby verse that increased the song’s length by almost an entire minute. However, instead of the traditional route of plugging a new verse before or after a verse or hook in the original song, Sleazy sliced his singular verse from the song in half, allowing Lil Baby to take command of the track after his “She say ain’t no pape’ up over there, shit, she barely eatin’ (She starvin’) / Can barely feed hisself, she told me, ‘Help, this n***a barely feed me'” line.

Baby’s verse perfectly coincides with the message of the track about stealing someone’s girl, as he delivers bars about how the woman he’s with prefers him to his opposition.

How you mad she choosin’ me?

You would die if you know what she was doin’ to me (Ooh)

We been swappin’ spit for a lil’ while, this shit ain’t new to me

Actin’ like I’m chasin’ her or somethin’, she be pursuin’ me

Can’t hold you, she be tellin’ me all the time she wish that you was me

“Sleazy Flow” — SleazyWorld Go featuring Lil Baby

Turning up in the club together, Sleazy and Baby’s music video for the “Sleazy Flow” remix has climbed to the Top 3 of YouTube’s Trending list for the Music category, further solidifying the song’s relevance and SleazyWorld Go’s impact.

Lil Baby’s addition to this smash hit has already paid dividends for Sleazy, as he continues to elevate his status with each new release.

Check out the “Sleazy Flow” remix with Lil Baby below!