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Suprxmetony ends the year strong with new EP ‘TEMPORARY’

In the midst of a steady come up all throughout 2022, Suprxmetony is making sure that he cannot be forgotten about. On top of the full length offering Antonio and four solo singles this year already, Tony has returned just before 2023 to deliver five new cuts.

On Dec. 9, he dropped his five-song EP titled TEMPORARY, which showcases a great deal of artist improvement for the teenager.

Having already received co-signs from fellow rising stars like KA$HDAMI in the form of a collaboration and redveil, as he produced the beat for his Antonio track “Diamond In The Rough,” Tony continues to show that he’s ready make a name for himself. On TEMPORARY, songs like “MAN IN THE MIRROR” show some his best lyricism to date, as his uniquely deep voice provides a layer of intimidation behind every bar.

I can’t trust nobody I don’t trust my shadow half the time
Told lil mama give me head just so I can get out of mine
Mama told me that these n****s ain’t your friend and she wasn’t lyin’

“MAN IN THE MIRROR” — Suprxmetony

Additionally, his stylistic choices all over the 11-minute runtime are impressive, such as the toned-down melodies on the beats and the excellent transition from “OFTEN” to “LAST BITCH.”

“I would describe it as me finding my sound, being comfortable with changing up how I make music.”

Suprxmetony in a statement provided to OGM

Ultimately, Tony could not have provided a better end to his already career-changing year, as he has developed his sound and approach tremendously. Be sure to keep an eye out for him as we tun the page to 2023, because this is surely only the beginning of a fascinating career for the South Carolina native.

Check out ‘TEMPORARY’ by Suprxmetony below!