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Suprxmetony warns enemies not to ‘Make Me Mad’ on new single

South Carolina teenager Suprxmetony has begun to establish momentum heading into Summer 2022. Whether it be his March single “Baby, I can’t go” or Soundcloud exclusive collaboration with KA$HDAMIAlot,” Tony is poised for continued growth early on in his career.

To continue further establishing himself as a name to look out for, Suprxmetony released his brand new single “Make Me Mad” on May 18. Differing from the more mellow and easygoing “Baby, I can’t go,” “Make Me Mad” sees Suprxmetony impose his will over vicious trap drums and fitting laser sounds.

With his relatively deep voice for an artist his age, Tony looks to channel mob boss Tony Montana’s demeanor and cut-throat attitude with bars about the weaponry he keeps on him and his short temper.

Lil b*tch know that I’m that n***a so she gon’ do what I please

Keep that 9 on me like everywhere I go like I’m Drew Brees

Broad day, face his ass

And that K it shoot gun range, ain’t gotta chase his ass

I ain’t worried ’bout no b*tch, boy I been chasing cash

Too quick to get on demon time, so b*tch don’t make me mad

“Make Me Mad” — Suprxmetony

The music video for “Make Me Mad,” directed by 3229 Collective’s Tyler Shuler, exemplifies Tony’s mindset exquisitely, as he lurks in his pitch black house with a beanie and dark sunglasses menacingly.

“Make Me Mad” is set to be a promotional single for Tony’s upcoming album Antonio, yet to be given a release date, cover art or track list. With songs of this quality and determination, though, we are surely in store for an impactful project from the Columbia native.

Check out “Make Me Mad” by Suprxmetony below!