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South Carolina teen Suprxmetony shares new single ‘Baby, I can’t go’

Burgeoning creative media brand and record label 3229 COLLECTIVE is making a name for themselves over the past few months. This success has come mostly because of their founder Tyler Shuler, who has also worked on visuals and production for music by new wave powerhouses like redveil, Supa Bwe, Matt OX and KA$HDAMI.

Of the handful of artists that 3229 Co. represents, 17-year-old Suprxmetony is well on his way to prominence. Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Tony already has a pretty expansive catalog, including a 2021 full-length project, that showcases his surprisingly low-tone in context with his age, as well as poise beyond his years, with composed flows on top of glossy melodies in his beats.

Most recently, Suprxmetony dropped his first official single of the year “Baby, I can’t go” on March 18.

With production from Shuler as well as young emphasis, Tony’s bread and butter is on full display. Over an instrumental with minimal drums and soft claps, Tony raps about how he appreciates female attention, but won’t sacrifice his money for women that play games or “fake n****s.”

Spillin’ lean, I keep speedin’ in a Benz

Lately I been gettin’ money I been losing friends

Won’t let no n***a knock me down b*tch I stand on my ten

Can’t fake kick it with no n***a that just sit around and pretend

“Baby, I can’t go” — Suprxmetony

Adding to his momentous week, Tony dropped a new SoundCloud song on March 21 with KA$HDAMI titled “Alot,” which marks his third collaboration with Dami, as their calm flows coincide with one another marvelously.

Things are only looking up for Suprxmetony right now, with a dedicated and solid team around him and a firm grip on his unique sound.

Check out “Baby, I can’t go” by Suprxmetony below!