Tokin needs no ‘Permission’ on wavy new single, visual

Tokin (formerly TokenVlone) is well on his way to become hip-hop’s next big thing. With instantly addicting melodies and a captivating song presence (reminiscent of the late Juice WRLD), the rising Chicago rapper is on a mission he only knows how to accomplish — taking what’s rightfully his on his debut album Vandals in December 2021.

Off the back of newfound hits in “Breathe,” “Patience” and “Perfect Prescription,” the 18-year-old enigma is slowly becoming a staple of Chi-Town’s new sound — looking up to legends in Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Kanye West and of course, Juice WRLD. Simply put, he sees himself “on top of the game” like many of his hometown peers, and for him, it’s more than within reach.

In two months time, Tokin’s Spotify following has grown from 4,000 listeners to just over 17,000, however, his sound lives at the heart of SoundCloud’s next generation. Linking up with Grammy-winning producer Based1 and videographer Declan Kyle for his latest effort “Permission,” Tokin is seen pining for the girl of his dreams in a wholehearted fashion, speaking on how sure he is of his love in the middle of a retro arcade-diner.

“Permission” is Tokin’s first offering since his debut LP, as the star-in-the-making continues to impress with his sultry sing-rapping while harnessing an undeniable, growing star power.

She gon’ hit my phone, she don’t need permission

Smoking all this gas, yeah it got me trippin’

They been on my ass, I don’t even listen

I told her don’t worry baby, I ain’t missin’

Pot on the stove, I’ma beat up the kitchen

Heart on the line, so you know that we fishin’

I’ve been fallin’ in love, so you know I ain’t trippin’

TokenVlone — “Permission”

Needing no “Permission” to say what’s on his mind, Tokin floats over the track’s bouncy hi-hats and booming kicks that almost create a “chopped and screwed” feel, as underwater synths and organs glisten behind his hopelessly romantic swagger. The track itself is immersive, open-hearted and fitting for its release on Valentine’s Day — perfectly encapsulating the holiday’s vibe within the track.

Love-torn and striving to find “Permission” within himself to love again, Token ultimately reels in his “heart on a line,” bringing forth yet another emotive, crooning cut to his growing discography. To say that Tokin is just up next would be understatement, as he’s poised to break as another glistening voice of our generation.

Watch TokenVlone’s new track “Permission” below!


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