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Tokin wows with his debut project ‘Vandals’

Rising Chicago rapper Tokin (formerly TokenVlone) not only stuns on his debut album Vandals, but instantly enthralled listeners into the captivating soundscape he resides in.

Touting similarities to Juice WRLD, Iann Dior and Internet Money phenom Dro Kenji, Tokin’s debut offering is ahead of his time — catapulting the 18-year-old rapper to the core of the new wave’s signature sound. With addicting melodies and a refined vocal presence that’s an undeniable force to be reckoned with, Tokin’s star is set to take off at a rapid pace — further displaying his knack for creating innovative melodies across the short 20-minute LP.

Truly, Vandals is a powerful assertion of Tokin’s talent, making his mark in revealing his intrinsic superstar potential. Sitting at just over 4,000 Spotify monthly listeners, the young Calumet Park native is just getting started, as fans have more than enough time to hop on his wave while they still can.

On tracks like “Breathe” and “Patience,” his versatility in register switch-ups, sultry sing-rapping and vocally aware songwriting that melds the confines of different pop cultures, Tokin is certainly in a league of his own — blending demonic sounds with lighter, airy guitars consistent with the emo-rap lane. Speaking on the typical vices plaguing the emo-rap genre — drugs, depression and fighting demons in the process — Vlone is a beacon of light amid the darkness, capturing the essence of teen angst for this new generation of artists.

Just breathe, don’t lose your patience (Patience)

I know that you patiently waiting (Patiently waiting)

See, I know that you tempted by Satan (Satan)

And I swear your love is amazing (Your love is amazing)

And I see that you’ve been patient (Patient)

Yeah, I know you waiting (Uh-huh)

And your love is amazing (Uh-huh)

And your love real changing (Go-go-go, go)

“Patience” — TokenVlone

Along with his stark and intimate visuals, other highlights in “Perfect Prescription,” “Different World” and “I Need Help” further define Tokin’s presence as an emerging, powerhouse voice for years to come.

Don’t sleep on Tokin, as hip-hop may have stumbled upon its next-gen Juice WRLD.

Listen to TokenVlone’s debut ‘Vandals’ below!