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iann dior shares new single ‘Let You’ ahead of new album

iann dior has not dropped a project since his his June 2020 mixtape I’m Gone, which included some of his biggest hits to date in “Prospect” with Lil Baby and “Sick and Tired” with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.

Since then, he has come out with just three singles, two as a part of the Still Here two-pack in April with “shots in the dark” featuring Trippie Redd and “don’t wanna believe.”

In September, he began the rollout for his upcoming album On To Better Things by dropping the first promotional single “V12,” and now he’s back for more.

On Nov. 12, iann released “let you,” a melodic epitome of his entire career up until now. Over the vibrant guitar, dior utilizes his trademark moody, relationship-driven songwriting about a girl he’s hung up on.

She’s the poster that I’m hanging in my mind, right

She’s so sweet but she caught me on my blind side

You know it’s true, I’m fucked up too

But you know I’m always coming back for you

“let you” — iann dior

In the visuals for “let you,” iann portrays the ring leader of the circus of his emotions, putting his life on the line as a gesture to his significant other.

iann has essentially confirmed the album is coming in the very near future, listen to “Let You” below!

Even though iann dior has rarely dropped any music so far this year, his star rises with each new release. He is now working towards releasing his sophomore studio album On To Better Things, and is in the promotional singles stage of rolling it out.

In mid-September, he came out with the album’s first single “V12” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, which has since garnered 17 million Spotify streams and was a great kickstarter to. build hype around OTBT.

Now, iann is ready for the album’s second single “Let You,” releasing on Friday (Nov. 12) at midnight. He has been alluding to this track for quite some time, first posting the release date on Oct. 15.

He certified the title and cover art for the song on Monday (Nov. 8), along with sharing the pre-save link so it cn automatically upload to fans’ libraries when it drops.

As iann’s new era is starting to pick up serious momentum, he also announced that OTBT is officially finished and turned in for distribution.

He explained on Twitter how much the album means to him, and how he developed as an artist while creating it. While it does not have a release date yet, he anticipates that it will drop before the end of 2021, which is less than two months away.