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TyFontaine drops off SoundCloud exclusive ‘lil slime’

Since becoming an independent artist last year, TyFontaine has really experimented with all sides of his sound.

It’s evident that Michi’s music is littered with passion and refined versatility, as his upcoming album Beautiful Michi Girls looks to relay both the inner and outer beauty his musical inspirations bring forth.

On his debut independent effort Ascension and its deluxe Virtual World 2, Ty delivered plenty of unique genre-defying tracks that are filled with personality — making it apparent that time and effort played a huge factor in perfecting the sound he’s strived to cultivate. Ending 2021 on a high note with his wavy single “Numb,” Beautiful Michi Girls looks to be another huge moment for the rising DMV star.

As Michi continues to usher in his next era with a fresh SoundCloud exclusive “lil slime,” he takes a different approach by switching up his style and slowing things down — creating a three-minute-long, heavenly-sounding track that sounds like two songs in one.

In the first minute and a half, Fontaine plays around with his vocals, peeling off beautifully-sung melodies that instantly sends fans floating. In the second half, the beat picks up as Ty keeps pace — speeding up his flow as more elegant harmonies crash into visceral, innovative wordplay.

Ty seems to always take full advantage of his lyrical ability — gracefully sing-rapping about a girl(s) that he is getting to know and how far he has come as an artist. Staying grounded and counting his blessings, Michi does what he does best on “lil slime” — telling his story while finding intricate ways to wholeheartedly relate to the listener.

Fallen from the gates, you could see me angel wings

God witnessing

In my sleep he told me i’m a king

Baby if you can’t get with the motion, then you just a fling”

TyFontaine — “lil slime”

Although only available on SoundCloud for the time being, “lil slime” is expected to hit DSPs on March 2, presumably leading in his previously mentioned March release for Beautiful Michi Girls. However, there’s been no confirmation from Fontaine as of yet regarding his upcoming LP.

As Michi continues to ascend to new heights, realize that we’re in the presence of a creative who knows what he wants — “a chosen one” among the congested landscape of rappers in today’s new wave. Continuing to channel his versatility and championing various styles, there’s nothing that the rising hitmaker can’t do.

To put it simply, he’s one of those special artists listeners will look back on as a key curator for the culture — just wait and see.

Spin “lil slime” on SoundCloud below!